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The key to becoming a writer is to develop good writing skills. Free, short publication courses that you receive in your inbox. Reading like a novelist Writing is different from having fun or to study writing. This includes reflecting on the craft and writing skills that composers use to keep the reader informed. They also challenge you to explore new playwrights and styles and find new ways to engage your reader with your own writing.

  • The possibility of writing a 2,000-word play to delight your perfect reader: this can be a short novel or the opening of a novel. A good read makes you a better author. You will appear with a greater sense of your literacy skills and a priority for work.

Well, a good author thinks of his readership. At this meeting we look at writing with a view to a readership.

Writing creatively: an introductory book on the character of non-fiction writing

A series of arts and crafts to research in writing about the outdoors. Developing the participants' ability to observe and express the world. Increasing participants' consciousness and esteem for the outdoors. The course provides a new perspective for the creation of imaginative natural writing. Timetable (this course is fully online): In addition, attendees should be prepared for 2-3 hrs of books etc., even if this varies from individual to individual.

There is no need for a text book, but it is recommended that pupils use the great wilderness as a resource of inspirational and creative work. Pupils should learn a lot from the natural world - both historical and modern. We will provide a proposed reader-file.

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