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Longer copy vs. short copy: Which is better? The Shinnecock will force some short game creativity - and you can learn from it. A few well-trained short game techniques and exercises are indispensable from year to year and from round to round. Interchangeable caspic circular knit short tips.

Yes, addi Rocket - Short Tip Clicks are fully interchangeable with all other click systems, cables and connectors.

Brief game video tips and advice from Golf Monthly

The first time you are playing for the first time, your focus will of course be on the long match. But when you begin to increase your awareness, you will of course have to change to the short one. We have developed our short tips to help you with the many different facets of the gameplay.

We' ve also got tips on how to make spins with the keys, how best to get out of the sands and some top tips on how to get it out.

Feature-packed (and short) productivity tips

Here is a good opportunity to begin the year. Quickly and easily digestiblely, just followed these tips on boosting your production before we're done in mid-January. Describe why this is so important and then do it immediately to determine the sound for tomorrow. Plan your toughest meeting first thing in the mornings.

Waiting until later in the afternoon will reduce your meeting time. Maintain a log that you use to keep tabs on your achievements and failure, and make sure you type in it every mornings. Fast table conversions work miracles. The first time you turn off the telephone, you can express or e-mail a message, making it completely unavailable.

Have something completely new at your table, like an Arnold Palmer. Place a white board near your desktop and make a big show of your assignments by deleting them as a visible award. Mount a monitoring bracket that is easy to move and adapts to the level of your workchair.

Having the screen off your desktop is one less thing to confuse your mind. Arrange your meeting groups so that you can have them all in a line and return to your usual levels of productive activity. Do not spread your meeting around the days. Reply to emails in short, concentrated, task-based session of about 10 mins each.

Approximately 10 mins later, stop and allow yourself to complete other work. Do not review emails while working on another job, such as a sales promotion schedule or a corporate file for the manager. Completion of these assignments should always be first. Establish a pre-defined objective for your web research and record exactly what you want to do.

Just end the most important and urgent assignments for the whole working days, and don't try to end all assignments to get a feeling of accomplishment, which is not the same as productivit. Leaving some of your legwork for tomorrow that' s simple to do the first time you come to the workstation.

Do a show by doing these things first to get the word out for the whole outing. Ensure that every call has a rewarding destination that matches your production schedule. Have a doughnut in the mornings means that you will not have your annual statement ready by noon. Attach a workplace light to your desktop.

Keep a clearly arranged desktop ready at all times. Don't hear unknown or new songs that distract and ignore your work. Your most important point of contact for checking e-mails, writing and chatting with your peers is a keypad. In the mornings, you should be reading at least one page of a volume on productiveness.

Stop all e-mails at about 5 p.m. This means that everyone knows that you will not reply to e-mails after 5 p.m. and that you will not be attempted to verify after 5 p.m. So you don't have to creep under a desktop to connect a telephone or tray.

Stressing is a productiveness killing tool. You can call your mother, your partner or a boyfriend to say out loud what is stressing you and destroying your efficiency. Request help when a venture starts to slide instead of trying to end it all yourself when you know that this is not possible. If you fill it up and go back to your table, tell yourself:

Now, you will either complete this review or do the research on this marketing-planning. Keep in mind that good productiveness is in the end an initial outlay.

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