Short Story Writing Contests

Shorstory Contests

There are a variety of other ways for everyone else to test their writing skills, from essay competitions to short story competitions. Would you like to enter a competition? This is a list of international and local writing competitions and competitions. Authors and Artists Yearbook Short Story Contest. The NiTH contests are different from all the writing contests you've entered.

Guide to short story competitions in 2018

?3000 will be awarded to the winners and second and third place will also be awarded. The deadline for submissions is 30 June a short game competition for authors from all over the world. Submissions must be between 1000 and 2000 words, with the prizewinner receiving £1000 (US$1350). In addition, there will be two second prices and all winners and winners will be announced in an album.

The deadline for submissions is July 1. The Seán Ó Faoláin International Short Story Contest is an international short story contest open to authors from all over the year. Three Emerging Writer Awards (for Poesie, a novel in work and a short story) are open until 31 July. Included in the price package are full enrollment and assistance for participation in the January Seminar and Writer Workshop Program, round trips to Key West, Florida, accommodation, a $500 fee, and the option to be on location during the seminar.

Authors can enter up to three texts with up to 500 words each and there are no limitations on genres or forms. The applications are scheduled to open on 1 July and complete on 15 August a new award created by Aftermath, a journal on the subject of climatic changes and ecological disasters.

The deadline for submissions is 31 August a great big literature contest for everyone over 16 years of age. a £10,000 (us$13,500) monetary award to the winning team. Tales can be up to 2500 words long. Submissions open in February and end in September. Sunday Times Short Story Award is the wealthiest short story contest in the word, with the winning film winning £30,000 (US$40,000).

Bret Anthony Johnston won the 2017 award for his story'Half of What Atlee Rouse Knows About Horses'. You can find the six shortcuts for the last price here. Submissions are scheduled to open at the end of June and be completed by the end of September. The Zoetrope All-Story's Annual Fiction Contesthas aims to find and promote gifted authors, with the work of the winners and runners-up being passed on to first-rankers.

Tales can contain up to 5000 words. The submissions open on July 1 and end on October 1, celebrating a scripture that capture the weird, unreal, ridiculous and intricate. Entrance is free and the first price winners are awarded $500 and will be published in the Yalobusha Review Fall edition.

The submissions are scheduled to end on 31 October one of three awards from Reed Magazine. A $1000 monetary award will be given to the winning entry and all submissions will be eligible for inclusion. Eligible to participate are nationals of the 53 Commonwealth states, the award applies to the five Commonwealth regions:

There will be one local champion from each of the regions and one local champion will be chosen as the overall one. Outright Commonwealth Short Story Award Champion will be awarded 5000 (US$6700) and the other four local champions £2500. Closing in November. is open for short novels up to 4000 words.

The first price is 1000 (US$1250) and the organizers of the competition will plant a Kenyan Christmas trees for every contribution they receive (when the competition is over, they will send you the GPS co-ordinates of your trees by email). is open to authors who have not yet released a novel, poetic or imaginative non-fiction with a nationwide distribution of newspapers.

Tales can contain up to 8000 words and must be previously unreleased. He receives 1500 US dollars and has his story featured in the journal. Deadline is December 31st. is for working with eating and drinking in the hear. The first price is 10,000 (US$13,000) and tales can include up to 2500 words.

Registrations closing January 3rd, offering a first price of $3000. Only authors who have not yet written a publication are accepted and up to 7000 words can be submitted. This competition takes place several time a year; the competition closes on 15 January and is open to short feature films of up to 25 pages (double spacing) as well as poems and non-fiction.

Fifth place is $1500 and all submissions will be taken into account for public. Deadline for submissions is 31 January open only to authors who have not yet written a work. Authors must submit a story of up to 1200 words to register. Deadline is 31 January offering a first place award for the Disquiet International Program 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, with a full scholarship (air ticket, study fees and accommodation included).

Deadline is 31 January open for submissions of up to 25 pages. A $2000 prize is awarded to the winning entry and all participants are awarded an annual membership to the journal. The deadline for submissions is 31 January, which is open to Autralian authors 18 years of age and older. Tales can contain up to 2000 words and the winning player gets AUD$3000.

The deadline for submissions is 5 February, which has been an annual event since 1981. Tales can contain up to 8000 words and must be previously unreleased. Submissions will end on 7 February offering the winners a place on an Arvon writing course of their choosing (worth 1000) and posting on

Tales must be under 2000 words and can refer to any topic. The deadline for submissions is 13 February. will be given for an inventive short playbook with less than 2000 words. A ?1000 (US$1200) prize-winner, a one-week stay at the Civitella Ranieri Foundation in Italy and a counseling with an American friend of Foundry Literature.

Submissions end on 14 February. 2,500 pounds for the best short film work by a UK and Irish-based author who has not yet signed a contract. Records must contain a min. of 2000 words, max. 7000 words. Records closed on March 1. operated by Vermont-based magazine Hunger Mountain.

Winners will be awarded $1000 and a release. Tales can be up to 10,000 words long and all posts will be taken into account for publishing. Deadline is March 1. by Joyland Mag. With an open mind for tales between 1900 and 6000 words, the winning entry will be awarded $1000 and a release in the journal.

Rachel Khong, the Goodbye Vitamin writer, will judge the 2018 competition. The deadline for submissions is 9 March, open to UK citizens and UK resident persons who already have a UK previous publication in the field of letter creativity. 1st place is £15,000 and up to 8000 words can be entered.

The contributions may either be unreleased or may not be made public until after 1 January 2017. The deadline for submissions is 12 March. The Nelligan Short Feature Film Award, awarded annually by the Center for Literary Publishing of Colorado State University. A $2000 fee will be paid to the winning team and the story will be featured in the Fall/Winter Colorado Review.

While there are no topic limitations, tales must be at least 10 pages (or 2500 words), but no more than 50 pages (12,500 words). Deadline is March 14th. is for short story between 2000 and 3000 words and is only open to Australians. The first and second award-winning tales will also be released in the spring 2018 edition of Meanjin.

Records closing on March 26. running The Tishman Review. It is open to up to 5000 words and all participants will get a one-year online newsletter-ticket. Submissions end March 30. has a first price of US$5000, with a combined of 10 authors who will get a publishing in the booklet, inclusive of fee.

It is only open to aspiring authors and tales must be less than 8000 words in length. Deadline is March 31, with a grand AUD $12,500 (approximately US$9,700) award and is open to authors worldwidely. Records must be between 2000 and 5000 words in English.

Winners will be unveiled at a kick-off ceremony in August. The deadline for submissions is 10 April. The Tom Howard/John H. Reid Short Story Contest is open to short story and essay writing on any subject. There will be $1500 for the winning entry in each of the categories and a grand prize of $100 in all.

The records should not exceed 6000 words. Deadline is April 30th. is open for tales with up to 6000 words. The three tales are told in the book accompanying an intro by Justice Jim Shepard and an artisan essays by each one. This prizewinning story was written for 2000 US dollars, the two runners-up for 500 US dollars and 300 US dollars respectively.

Deadline is 30 April open for submissions of up to 2200 words. Tales can be in any kind of music, and contributions from authors both public and not. The deadline for submissions is 1 May, and is only open to authors who have not yet written a novel or collected a story.

Award ed $1000 and a Southwest Review release. Tales can be up to 8000 words long and all posts will be taken into account for publishing. Deadline is May 1st open for submissions of up to 4000 words. Contributions can be submitted on any topic or topic and are welcome in any styles, and include graphics, verses or genre-based (crime, sci-fi, imagination, history, romanticism, kids, etc.).

A shortlist of twenty short story titles will be announced in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology. The deadline for submissions is 1 May. is open to authors from all over the order. The submissions open on April 1 and end on May 15. is run by Dezember-Magazin, a December issue that is one of the first to release the work of Raymond Carver.

Up to 8000 words long, the winning story will receive $1500 and a release in the journal. The deadline for submissions is 15 May is devoted to the recognition and promotion of young authors whose literature has not yet led to successful results. Items must be smaller than 3500 words. Winners will receive $1500 and a release.

The deadline for submissions is 15 May (discounted admission before 1 May) authors of literature, non-fiction and poems who have not yet published a work. $2000 is given to the winning artist in each category. Submissions start in March and end on 15 May. The Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fictionis for unreleased scripts between 40,000 and 75,000 words and may contain long tales or short soundnotes.

Authors must be located in North America. Submissions are scheduled for completion on 31 May, open to work in any fictitious category and on any topic up to 5000 words. International open, the £5000 (US$6750) will be awarded to the winning girl and the 2018 contest jury will be Monica Ali. The deadline for submissions is 31 May inviting authors from all over the world to write an inventive story with up to 3000 words in each one.

The deadline for submissions is June 4.

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