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Home-Registration Rules-Courses, How to write for competitions. After a record number of entries, we are pleased to announce the shortlist for this year's short story award. The prestigious prize is awarded every year for a short story on a selected topic. Winner receives a cash prize and a worldwide publication of his story. Dragonfly's aim is to encourage and celebrate the amateur storyteller in all of us.

Kurzgeschichten-Wettbewerb HG Wells Short Story Contest

2018 catagory, short story contest, workshop tags: Created by world-renowned BBC Aeronautics journalist Reg Turnill and his spouse Margaret to commemorate the lives and work of HG Wells and promote creativity, especially among young people, the HG Wells Short Story Competition provides a wide range of senior and junior awards and free publications of all short-listed articles in a high-quality, professional journal.

LIGHTS contains twenty of the best short story about lighting chosen by the jury from a large contribution to the H.G. Wells Short Story Competition 2017. 2017 categories, short listing, short story contest | tags: We are pleased to present a free PDF compilation of the three award-winning short story competitions "Venus Rising", "When the Call Comes" and "Alone into the Alone".

2017 catagory, event, awards ceremony, short story competition | tags: 2017 categories, awards ceremony, short story contest: 2017 categories, short listing, short story contest | tags: 2017 catagory, event, short story contest: 2016 Catagory, Short Story Contest. Tags: 2016 Catagory, Short Story Contest. Tags:

2016 Catagory, Short Story Contest. Tags:

Bridport Prize | The Bridport Prize

We' ll welcome your short story in every fictitious style and theme; tales with captivating personalities, glittering dialogues and powerful, inventive vocals. This short story competition is open to authors of all nationalities from all countries. Participation fee: 10 for each short story entered. There is no limit to the number of histories you can use.

As a rule, we know that authors have several drafts of their work. Make sure you have the right copy of your short story available for download. They can no longer replace the work entered. Honorable and internationally, it is the award writer long to be won. So I trembled and presented it just a few and a half hour before the end of the May period.

"I was astonished at how much diligence and rigor is invested in the award procedure and how much the award is dedicated to the support of authors on the anniversary of the award ceremony, which was a memorable event. First place was a great affirmation."

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