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Flash-on-the-dark fiction: Write short (short) stories-ONLINE Challenging yourself how brief a Flash Fiction storyline can be: Write brief (short) histories. This 5-week on-line course teaches you the skill you need to make these little masterworks, which often contain less than 500 words. We will discuss how the aspects of traditionally telling tales such as characters, conflicts and images take place in this concentrated state.

We' ll be reading a lot of different tales to see what the forms offer. And, of course, we will write: Every student will be asked every weeks to make a new history and to give and get feedbacks from the teacher and his colleagues. Authors of all kinds of fictions will profit if they practice how to make their work sharper, more succinct and more forceful.

You will go with several designs of new plays and narrative strategy for slimmer tales. Pupils can count on two to three classes a day and interact with their mates and the teacher. There are new classes every Tuesday, but they can be taken at any time during the workday. Pupils start the course of the month with a lecture containing material for study and discussions and special handicraft strengthening activities.

In the course of the course, during the course of the course, you will publish your work and make comments on the work of the other group. Through the KeyholeWe investigate how the fundamental aspects of action, personality, conflicts and dissolution are changing in this condensed state. So how much of each one do we need to make a "complete" history for our reader?

ReversalWe are practicing a rapid turnaround this weekend by establishing and then turning back our readers' aspirations to enable them to move and make changes in the smallest of spaces.

Weeken five: Embiguity & EndingWhen we write us Rich Text, we don't always have room for a complete summary. His tales have been featured in Ninth Letter, Mid-American Review, SmokeLong Quarterly and Willow Springs, and his review books appear on The Rumpus. A graduate of the University of Idaho with an MBA in literature, he has been awarded a residence at the Ragdale Foundation and the Vermont Studio Center.

Please note: New classes are offered every Tuesday but can be taken at any hour of the day during the course.

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