Short Story with Author and Character

A short story with author and character

Typical of the fairytale story, Anderson's story shows a character who overcomes a challenge and miraculously comes to a happy ending. Each month Writer's Edit selects one work as our story of the month. Can you have a short story with flat characters; a good short story? Writes short stories, articles, essays, novels and screenplays.

So what makes a successful short story?

That ugly duckling: Summary, Characters & Author - Video & Lesson Transcript

The Ugly Duckling" is one of the most popular fairy tales of the Danes novelist Hans Christian Andersen. A strong self-conception and acceptability statement values the history for its capacity to educate kids about the importance of friendliness towards others. You will learn a short storyline review and review, discuss the main protagonists of the storyline, and end with a trivia test to test your game.

All these are experience of living that teaches us important teachings about acceptability and friendliness towards others, and one of the most well-known illustrations of such a teaching in children's books is the fairy tale by the well-known writer Hans Christian Anderson "The Ugly Duckling", which was released in 1843. This is a simple looking little duckling in a farm.

He is teased by his brethren and sisters and by the other fowls and beasts on the farmyard because he is simple and nasty, so he walks away to life with a herd of goose and duck until the hunter shoots down the herd. Again alone the nasty duckling finds a home with an old lady, but also her cats and hens are teasing him, so that he doesn't remain there for long.

The ugly duckling encounters a herd of wandering flocks on his walks, and he wants to join them, but cannot, because he is too young and cannot travel well enough. At the onset of overwintering, a peasant saves the ugly duckling, but the farmer's kids and other creatures scare him with their noises and mock.

When the herd of goats comes to the pond near its hideout, he will spend a chilly and solitary season in a cavern until spring. As the ugly duck approaching the Schwänen, he rejoices that they have accepted him and treated him like one of them. As he looks at his mirror image in the sea, he notices to his surprise that he himself has ripened into a nice swan. What a surprise!

And when the sweans flew away from the sea, he spread his wing and joined them after finding a happy home to accept him. The Ugly Duckling" is a beloved tale about self-conception, self -management and personality change. It' sometimes said that Anderson made fun of the tale on the basis of his own experience as a young man, which was for the form of his face and face and for his silliness.

But like the metamorphosis of the ugly duckling from simple to pretty, Anderson has grown into a world-famous classic. Typical of the history of fairytales, Anderson's storyline shows a personality that overcomes a challenging and miraculous end to a fortunate one. There is no faerie who wanders a baton to make the ugly duckling pretty, but the charm lies in its self-discovery and how much it is liked and appreciated changes its look as much as its self-growth.

A part of the duckling's fight comes from the way he is treated by others, but also from the fact that he just acknowledges their perceptions of him and doesn't recognize them until he gets a good look at himself, how really nice and marvelous he is. As he turns outwardly into a handsome queen, the true change takes place within him; only when he finds a group that takes him at face value does he have the guts to investigate his own mirror image.

History's morality tells us to respect each other, however different we may seem.

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