Short Story with 3 Characters only

A short story with only 3 characters

Stage 4: Outline and setting details. The novel is a journey - not only for the characters, but also for the author and the reader. The difference 3: complexity of the conflict. One young man buys a love potion, but is surprised that it only costs a dollar. Fabel: a short, unadorned prose fiction that teaches a moral lesson.

What are the 3 battlegrounds that drive your plots?

It is sometimes difficult to decide what part your characters will have in your game. Sign number one. It can be good or evil or somewhere in between - the point is, that's its history. She' s the celebrity. But she' s the one the readers should be identifying with.

Sign number two. It can be either with or against your protagonist - either a rivals, a fancier, a sidekick. It has its own history and you will be spending a few pages on it. Sign number three. It is this personality that causes changes - bringing pain to the protagonist, or happiness.

Anything she does or doesn't do makes the readers think differently about the protagonist. Whilst all of them have antagonist or villain, you may not always have a properly shaped personality that can play that role or you may want to hide it from the readers and your protagonist.

C#3' is a great person to have a lot of pleasure with - because they are a little further in the back, they can offer the biggest treat. He' making friends with an older man who also likes to fish. Let's say your lead is a man who's got an attachment.

He is the only one with whom he can be open, with whom he can speak and be himself. She' s probably C#3 and we decide to abandon his woman for her, she turns around and says she doesn' t want a man.

Which is the best tale to be written in 140 chars (the max length of a tweet)?

It drowned itself with "its" recollections. It was the date on which they began to talk like random buddies, the date on which he asked her to marry him, her first bicycle trip with him, her first days on the shore. She held her hand, walked in stillness and watched the ripples between her legs, she had shattered the stillness and said: "I want to be near you all my life".

She had been affectionately gazed at, her face softly placed between his hand and said: "I will always be near you until my last breath". From her recollections she was bumped into by her husband: "The new lodger for the neighbouring building has just come in.

" Looking at the foreigner her mum and dad had threatened to force to get remarried. It' been a months since she got remarried to that foreigner. She wiped her teardrops and gave the keys to her spouse. With affectionate glances, the new lodger saw her out the windows.

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