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A new science fiction short story every day of the year. Every issue contains a short story about the teenage experience, usually by a well-known young adult author. I' m running a small website about short stories and I cant them all myself. To be used as a master class in short story writing. Home - Teaching & Learning - Subjects - French - French teaching materials - Listen to short stories and view translation.

20 top short story blogs for short story writers and writers

Genuine short novels or short story lines. In addition, you will find here sound files and discussions of works in existence. approx. 34 contributions per weeks. {\a6}- Facebook friends 1,173,205. 532.648 Tweeters. Are you looking for a short story for children? This is an astonishing compilation of short fairy tales, short tales, short amusing short tales, short ethical tales. about 3 postings per weeks.

Headline-Fan 1,550. Tweeters n.a. One subreddite for inventive nightmares in 500 words or less. about 84 articles per weeks. Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters n.a. Every day of the working day a new story is published in 50-Word Storys. Each story is exactly 50 words long! Feel free to post your own story to be presented on the website or take part in thematic competitions to earn a book or eBook, a discount from the shop or other reward.

Our blogs and join in! about 11 postings per weeks. Headline-Facebook 873. 771 Tweeters. EEA: Short Storys is a page with short histories of old and new writers about 3 articles per months. Facfackfans 2.863. Tweeters 13,364. The One Story is a literature journal that contains a story.

About every three to four weekly, the Subscriber receives One Story by post. That story will be an astonishing one. Every edition is artistically decorated, light, simple to transport and prepared to be entertained in busses, in beds, in the subway, in a car, in the caravan, in the bathroom, in the doctors' waiting rooms or on the sofa.

Headline-Fan 7,720. Tweeters 29,755. An international short story forum. We are looking forward to scientific and imaginative discussion on any short story subject. We welcome all authors and reader! about 2 articles per weeks. Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters 4,593. The American Short Fiction magazine chooses and releases short films, short films, short stories and novel extracts by both new and existing authors.

Our aim is to find and release the best wreckage that dives into the ship, that pulls the readers back and forth between appreciation and surprises, that conjures up a certain kind of universe with delicately expert tales that take a different path home. about 3 articles per months. Headline-Fan 4.969.

Tweeters 10,264. Immerse yourself in the short feature film industry by discovering The Short Story, a website with a strong commitment to researching and supporting all types of short feature films. Headline-Fan 1,224. Tweeters 3,160. Space is a free website where you can tell, rate and annotate your own story or post your own story. about 28 articles per weeks.

Headline-Fan 181. 2.058. about 9 postings per weeks. Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters 487. Short-Thistory Lovers is a worldwide forum where you can create, study and study all kinds of short story, i.e. real story, fictional story, romance story, adventure story, fright story, thriller story, inspiring story, children's story, fairy tale, bedtime story, thriller, drama, tragedy story, drama, story, comedy story and more. about 2 postings per weeks.

Headline-Fan 10,915. Tweeters 1,863. Reflections on the short story by a man who has studied and studied many short films about 1 article per months. Facfackfans n.a. Two-tweet pendant 214. Handpicked short novels by writers from all over the globe. Humor, criminality, sci-fi, imagination, fear and daily routine.

There are also many sources and possibilities for prospective writers, and many, many more. about 2 articles per weeks. Headline-Fan 181. Tweeters 344. Thoughts about life, love and linguini. ost about short story posted by charmchaos12. about 2 postings per months. Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters 1,916.

Great short story breaking newscast. Contains newsgroups, messages and short story discussions about 1 article per mont. {\a6}- Facebook enthusiasts 9,836,767. 8,181,936 pendants. The Short Storys for Kids Forum has many short storys summarized under the four major titles Bedtime Storys, Fairy Tales, Moral Storys and Schary Storys.

Every single short story has many colourful and appealing images. The short story is very simple for children to study and comprehend. about 2 articles per weeks. Headline-Fan 67. Tweeters n.a. Numerous blood-soaked, febrile flows of awareness in the shape of #short tales and #flash fiction. about 1 contribution per months.

Facfackfans n.a. 46th Tweeters about 7 postings per weeks. Facfackfans n.a. Supporters n/a. about 1 entry per mont. Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters n/a. about 3 postings per mont. Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters n.a. In essence, my diary is a compilation of short films from all different styles (but my favourite is fantasy).

Now that' s the plot at the moment there are only three tales, but I work on many others, which I will post one by one. Avishek Singh's blog. about 2 postings per weeks. Headline-Fan 91. Tweeters 293. It' a place to dream, think and think. About seven times a weeks.

Headline-Fan 52. Pendant 104. It' an advertising page of a real story site ! about 2 postings per months. Headline-Fan 3.343. Tweeters 26. One of Gunjan Singh Khandpur's blogs from Undold Fantasy Tales. Writer of short films, short films and freelance writers. about 1 article per weeks.

Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters n.a. The Writers Network(WN) is an on-line portal that provides information, resource and opportunity for anyone interested in or interested in writing a story, whether as an originalist, free-lance novelist, performer or simply to part. Headline-Fan 25.

Tweeters n.a. You' re gonna like it. About three postings a weeks. Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters 20.

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