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Much of the creative prompts I have written on this page could be used for a short story. View a list of pages with fictitious prompts. Brief horror story ideas that focus on creatures and monsters. Girl takes muffins to school, but there's one missing. Is there a better way to celebrate than with a list?

short-story themes

Thinking of short novels, I often think of short morale novels like O. Henry's or Aesop's Fabulas. There is often a sense of the story in these narratives, such as studying, not taking one's talent for granted, or avoiding confidence in a natural fighter (or an animal).

Much of the creativity I' ve used on this page could be used for a short story. However, for this list of themes we will develop moral concepts that you will be learning (or will learn) from real live and that will allow you to continue working from the end of your short story.

It will be simple to choose the theme of your story once you have found out the morale of the story. Compose a story about two people who learn their lessons by going directly against this piece of advices. Create a story about a character who experiences this principle through an appraisal mistake.

Make a story in which a suppressed personality will learn this unit through an interaction with someone else. Make an anaecdote in which you show how you or someone else failed to pay attention to such a warnings and the consequences. Make a story in which a figure of this kind gets his or her reputation and experiences the value of acceptability.

Create a story that shows an officer who has the ability to rescue the entire world, fail to do so, and then face the consequence. So how does this individual do this and what does he or she learnt from the experience? Create a story in which a player gets first-hand instructions that you had to try out last year.

I' m hoping that these short stories will help you create your own moral story. Remember that a story of any length can be turned into a full-length novel if you choose the next avenue. And if you need extra inspiration, you can view my bestselling 1,000 Createwriting Prompts for as little as $2.99 digital or $7.99 softcover.

Cohen is the creator of more than 30 works, many of which concentrate on creativity and breaking through this annoying writer's-blockade. Finished with short stories? Back to our Prompts.

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