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Free-of-charge fairy tales for children. You can enjoy these fables and fairy tales with vivid pictures. Panchatantra short stories with pictures, in English. Growing, curated, free library of short stories for children. Includes Aesop' s fables and short stories, biography & classic fairy tale collection for children.

Brief Stories: Classical fairy tales

A destitute young woman who sells matchsticks on the streets is stuck behind on a chilly wintry saturday. A story of a young maiden falling in Love with a princess from above. The only ambitions of an Emperor who is well clothed are the victims of a few scammers who visit him.

There is a little maiden meeting a little witch while she visits her grandma. Surprised, the dam of a flock of pretty duckling, when her last, biggest eggs hatch. An evil sorceress locks a pretty little woman in a steeple. A little girl's adventure in the tulip leaves.

This is the story of a beautiful young woman who unknowingly puts on a pair of sneakers.

Fairytales, Tales & Short Tales

Here is a complete listing of all our histories, use the card on the lefthand side to look for their place of birth.... Why the crab has no head, why the bat fly? Here is a listing of all our tales, use the link on the lefthand side to organize them by their authors.... Why the crab has no head, why the bat fly?

It is an on-line story book that has been handed down from generations to generations. Look for tales by place or writer, and be free to post comments, sharing or get in contact - hopefully you enjoyed the site and tell it to your mates!

The Panchatantra Short Stories for Children | Bedtime Stories

The Panchatantra Short Stories:. English-language children's tales with images. While the subdivision of Panchatantra into separate histories cancels the essential nature of its interplay, the following short histories contain images and ethical message, especially for children. Panchatantra Stories: Notice that the above Panchatantra tales are covering most of the initial tales included in Panchatantra and are included in some of the favorite reviews and alignments.

There are, however, some tales found in many storybook and on the web that are advertised as Panchatantra tales, but there is no proof that the tales are included in the Panchatantra or its reviews. This is the kind of story we intentionally abandoned in this area.

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