Short Story Synopsis

Synopsis of short stories

The synopsis in the above example expresses the central essence of a whole story in a single sentence. The Little Sisters of Eluria (short story): I' ll then give a rather detailed summary of the plot, related to the length of the story and the meaning of the details. The Pinocchio story is great here! You can use this example of a synopsis to describe yourself.

Example Synopsis - Mentor of the fiction writer

Here is a synopsis example for my short story Blod Sisters. Apparently synopsis for a short story is very different from synopsis for a novel, but it will give you the notion. There are 3800 words in the story, and my first try of a synopsis was 220 words:

Tara McGoldrick from Dublin sees the same lady every single working night and is fascinated by her joy of life. She' d like to make a friend, but she doesn' know how to get close to her. She is fascinated by the women and sees a brick barrier fall, so she can get rid of them.

However, it hurts Tara's own feet. She and the wife are taken to the clinic, and on the way she finds out that her name is Jennnifer - just like Tara's own daughnam! In hospitals, they separate the wives. that she broke her ankles and needs surgery.

Tara asks if they can go to lunch together if Tara is well enough to get to know her better. She also says in the interview that she is so thankful that Tara saves her world. As Tara says, she too was once rescued by the friendliness of foreigners, by donating money after her daughters birth.

It was Jennifer who gave, that each of us was saving the lives of the others, that they were meant to be boyfriends, and that they were indeed bloody nurses. Dublin Tara McGoldrick would like to be a friend of a girl she sees every single working night, but she has no way to get close to her.

She' saving that woman' s world and getting hurt easy. When Tara speaks to each other later in the clinic, she gets her wish for a friend when the wife asks her to a meal. More than that, they find out that this lady rescued them, Tara, by donating a piece of her own lips. So they' re even more than just boyfriends of brotherhood sister.

See how in each case this example synopsis became narrower and the detail became less, while still concentrating on the important parts of the story? That'?s what you aim for when you write a summary.

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