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Have a look at this practical short story guide and read the chapter to refresh the summary of the short stories and the analysis topics. These are a short summary of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. This short story is told from the first person perspective of a little girl named Dorian York. " The Christmas Presents story begins the day before Christmas in a small apartment in New York. " The Flowers" is a short story by Alice Walker that contains more than one plot.

Poe's Short Stories Summary

The Inquisition sentences an undisclosed storyteller to die and wakes him up to find himself in a vault that is being carefully observed by his kidnappers, who want to sentence him with psychological torment and bodily danger. The storyteller struggles with unreasonable anxiety and faces a series of deadly pitfalls, among them the shaft of the same name and the vibrating swing.

Mask of Red Death: In the aftermath of the devastating Black Death Prince Prospero's pestilence, he and thousands of his courtly friends decide to stay away from the illness and to keep political groups to drive away the epidemic until it disappears. Around noon the celebrants are cut off by the disguised Red Death character, who eventually carries the pestilence to the hidden courtiers' doors.

Telling the story of why he murdered the old man, the story proves that he is not crazy. He can' t bear the old man's face in the story, so he chooses to slaughter him gently and methodologically and explains that no lunatic would be as cautious as him.

Black cat: The storyteller was once a good man and an admirer of animals, and he was marrying a woman with a similar predisposition, but he turned to drinking and began to misuse his woman, his domestic animals and especially his pussycatpluto. When he comes to hates the kitty and when he eventually attacked her, his woman gets in the way and he instead killed her and hides the corpse behind a brick.

Following a particularly cruel two-pronged assassination in Rue Morgue, which leads to the detention of Adolphe Le Bon for lack of proof, C. Auguste Dupin and his boyfriend decided to investigating the story. He is particularly adept at analytic questions and believes he can do a betterjob than the police in Paris, which is smart but not enlightening.

However, he is able to trace the footsteps of killing by creative thought and question the belief that the killer is a man. Mr. G., Prefect of the Paris Prefect of Law Enforcement, visited C. Auguste Dupin and the storyteller to present an anomaly. Doupin points out that they are searching again, but if this try is unsuccessful, G. will offer a bonus, which Doupin will take immediately before submitting the deed.

Later, Duppin tells the storyteller that he found it again, arguing that D. was wise enough to conceal the note in the most evident place and thus find it in D.'s flat. Ligeia fell in loving the storyteller, although he can't recall the precise conditions of her encounter, and they get married.

He' s in lover of her prettiness, her mind and her intellect, but she gets sick and die, while she claims that man only die because his will is too weaker. A desperate storyteller moved to an abandoned British monastery and married Rowena Trevanion, although they did not make friends.

Soon Rowena gets sick and die, but when he is watching over her he tries to recover again and again. At some point the dead man walks away, but the storyteller realises that the dead man now has the picture of Ligeia and no longer that of Rowena. He sails from Java on a boat to the Sunda Islands, but the journey is broken by a great tempest that is killing everyone except the storyteller and the old Sweden.

For five and a half day the boat is wiped off the jacuzzi to the southward direction before a dark boat arrives and ends up on the narrator's aisle. Tossed onto the new vessel, the storyteller finds an old garrison and surmounts his concern to wait longingly for the discoveries of the world' s southerly areas.

Willam Wilson: In his childhood, the storyteller William Wilson is troubled by a young man who divides his name, his date of origin and his rough outline and who can easily keep up with him, although William strives to be the boss of his schoolmates. When William gets older, he gets down into the truck, but his most lavish acts are repeatedly broken by the shady visitations of his former school mate.

Eventually, tormented to despair, William strikes his rivals to find that he has in some way committed suicide. He spent the evening looking at the pictures in his room and found a particularly lifelike one, the story of which he read in the travel guide. It is the story of a lovely, caring woman who gave her whole self to her husband's work.

Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar: The storyteller, P., is interested in experimentation with melancholy on a mortal male on the brink of extinction, so he persuades his moribund boyfriend M. Ernest Valdemar to be his subjects. P. is able to detain Valdemar at the site of execution, but when he tries to wake the patients seven month later, the whole of their bodies decompose into fluid.

Tales of early funerals have been told and the storyteller is becoming more and more frightened of the opportunity. With the old man, the storyteller reaches the top of a hill, where he sees the might of the Norwegian Maelström. Then the old man told the story about his experiences with the huge jacuzzi.

When the storyteller visits Legrand's cabin, he frightens his boyfriend by discovering that Legrand's portrayal of a new beetle looks like a muzzle. The following year Legrand's minion Jupiter asks him to take them on a journey to the mounds on Legrand's Isle, although Jupiter and the storyteller both believe he is going mad.

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