Short Story Submissions

Submissions of short stories

The aim of short fiction is to address mature and demanding topics. You' ll have to attach your contribution to the e-mail. No short stories or poetry ideas, we only consider finished designs. It is in our particular interest to promote the short story. Filmlets of all genres.

Shorthistory Sunday Seeking Submissions

Short Story Sunday is a new home for short story and fictional short storytelling. Since November 2014, has been a new "boutique" learning opportunity for writers, editors, agents and editors who want to share and contribute world-class short story-making. What's with the short story Sunday? So we wanted to make it an adventure for the readership to take half an hours time every Sunday to attend the short story Sunday with a nice glass of tee and look through this week's story on their cell phone, tray or desk at home, in a café or at lunchtime.

In order to make sure we have the best tales, we have put together an editors' board that selects the most interesting and inventive tales for our reader every Sunday. Yes, it's a different way of doing things, but from the first reactions and registrations to our Short Story Sunday Club, it looks like folks will like it.

Where' s Short Story Sunday based? Want your story! When you are publishing or unreleased and would like to post a short story or a bit of flash fiction, please send the final story to submissions[at] as soon as possible and make sure you provide your contacts as we will get in contact with you when your story is to be out.

Shorts can be composed for an adult or child, should not be longer than 3,500 words and should be sent by e-mail as a Word or PDF file together with a short biography of the writer at the end of the story. Flash- fiction articles should contain 500-1000 words. For this reason, we cannot receive print articles by mail.

You are welcome to submit up to three submissions several times, provided you submit each story as a single work. We' re open to most styles as long as they tell a well-made story. We' ll publish advertising, youth and children's literature in both short story and flash movie formats in the following genres: science fi ['Aliens' and other lifestyles can be referred to, but not as protagonists].

Don't think about which'genre' your story belongs to, as we are only interested in the qualtity of your story; we promote inventive tales that don't belong in a standard'genre box'. While we are satisfied with the publication of imaginative and inventive "dark" tales, we want to offer our readership an entertaining and relaxed "Sunday afternoon" adventure, inspiring them to tell inventive, exhilarating, humorous and reflective tales, in additon to those with "gravelly" thematics.

This is a subject area, so we will not publish any story that contains any of the following topics: This is a story that focuses on the protagonist's struggle with a bodily or intellectual disease that has not been offset by constructive/inspirational or otherwise'lighter' cues.

Encouraging tales with "dark" topics as long as they are inventive and have a meticulous equilibrium between bright and deep colours; a gifted author can make a readers smile and cry with a change of sides. Please do not post or share your submissions, as we are only interested in previously unreleased submissions.

When we post your story, we ask you for an extra 90 days of exclusive rights from the date of publication before you post your story elsewhere. Many storefronts calculate writers to submit their story to take this type of feature into account. Short Story Sunday will never calculate writers for submissions as a guideline.

There are no charges for the readership. In order to provide the story to the broadest possible public, we will make the story available to our readership free of cost. While the site is growing, our goal is to provide the writer who is writing the "Story of the Month" with a readership vote system with money/gift awards.

We' ll publish your story only on this page or as an'exclusive story' in our free monthly'Short Story Sunday Club' newsletters (which will be published in early 2015). In no event will we re-publish your story in any way as a "book", "e-book" or "compendium", unless we partner with a publishers, in which case the license rights/fees will be agreed with you at that point in it.

A short story Sunday Lib. Here you can rummage through a collection of our already released histories; the newest first. More information under short story Sunday!

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