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Well, we think the short story is important. The classics lead us to a short story website, a joint project that presents readers with a new piece of science and speculative'flash' fiction every day. Send us short stories and poems, or read short stories and poems free of charge and leave constructive criticism and comments for our authors. I am impressed with the quality of some of these online magazines and have created this page to lead others to the best short story pages. This is a shortened list of short story writers that you can find on this page:.

10/websites where you can read short stories and flash fiction

Have you the feeling that short periods of exposure drive up the short story? For me it is not like that, because a well narrated story is a well-loved, short or extended story. Shorts have always been a favourite way of composing. Most of our greatest writers have also written unforgettable short novels.

He' even got an awesome short story prize in his name. The short story is not only a good exercise for the novice, but also for the kid, who can be put on a classical literacy dieter through short storytelling. And the best thing is that you can enjoy a wide range of different types and style of style in the amount of times it will take you to take a coaches.

Also, choose your favourite from the ten sites mention here. This is a short story page that has been touring since 1997; you can see the vast alphabetic listing of literature histories, most of them classic in their own right. This site has more than 2000 short novels on its mailing lists.

It also selects a short story of the moment from its large selection. Coming from the classic books, we come to a short story website, a joint venture that presents the reader with a new daily play of scientific and speculative'flash' ritual. Tales revolve around sci-fi themes and the future direction of the game.

On the website, the compilation is the work of mixed internal authors and readers. Interesting are also the story placasts. East-of-the-World offers tales of criminality, literature, non-fiction, humour, romanticism, sci-fi and children's books. There is also a whole section on the topic of interview.

Tales are evaluated and you can rank them according to the reviews they have. The short storylines are complemented by a section with entertaining puns. If you really like short storytelling and want to be able to browse it on the go, just get the free iPhone pop. You can turn the pages of many uncut classic books.

They have a short history section and the website says it is the biggest and fastestgrowing section on In its introductory remarks, the site says that fewer and fewer readers today are reading short films. Now, the short story Ressource makes a little effort to correct that. It is a small booklet, but because of its classical character it is definitely something for reading.

Every Monday to Friday Five Chapters releases a short story in five parts. There are about 242 tales by 222 people. The story was written by contemporaries. Tales are in the area of 5000 and 10,000 words. They have to listen to the tales every day, as the five parts are presented like a serial.

It'?s the short story that counts. On this extensive short story website you can view and enter short story submissions. Download the PDF files to view the story. This story site is sponsored by the BBC and the BBC National Short Story Award. It is a short story even shorter than a short story, although the difference is a little muddled.

This site is a good representation of the category by presenting us with a multitude of short films. Every story is narrated in 1000 words or less. The site is a nice little site that deals with short films and poems. This site is set up around a fellowship of authors and short story fans.

They can browse the suggested or most frequently heard tales. This site offers short story and flash fiction, thrillers and audiopodcasts for your enjoyment. They can also receive histories by e-mail. Most of the tales are written by Adam, so this is more of a private page.

Thanks to the skill of short storytelling, the arts of creativity find meaning and practical application.

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