Short Story Rules

Brief Story Rules

Rules for the short story contest. Rules for Poems & Short Stories. On this page you will find the entry regulations and how to register. "A story can be entered in both divisions, but not in both. Find out why Rules of Engagement is a short story published in The Horus Heresy, originally part of an anthology.

Brief Story Rules and Rules

Any and all of your personally identifiable information, such as your name, e-mail and date of your birthday, will be used only for the conduct of this sweepstake and may not be used for any other use without your permission. When you provide this information, you agree that it will be used for the specified use. With the submission of their work, each entrant gives Rotary the following free licenses: -The right to work on, shorten, or cut out the work for publicity use.

The finalists and winner declare that they accept that their name and/or image will be used free of cost for advertising in connection with this contest. The entries are handled by a two-stage system of examiners and magistrates. The contributions are first reviewed by a group of highly skilled authors and authors. A shortlist of 20 entries will then be compiled and submitted to a jury.

Then the jury selects 3 winner to win awards. The Anthology Verlag selects and selects the reader and jury. All reader and panels choices are final. There is no warranty of any kind. Authors' and judges' name will remain secret until the end of the contest to make sure that the evaluation procedure stays blank. Any submission must:

Submitted on an anonymous basis to make sure the competition stays anonymous. The name of the writer must not be contained anywhere in the short story. Any submission is definitive; no changes or replacements are allowed. Work will not be sent back and editing commentaries will not be submitted, with the exceptions of the chosen winner.

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Up to 42 rows, no min., the name is not in the number of rows. Brief Stories: Max 5000 words, no min, the name is not used. Dash-novel: 250 words max., no min., the song is not contained in the number of words. Each entry is evaluated anonymously: Do not enter your name on the form.

Submissions can be made to any topic and in any way. Any number of poetry, fiction or shorts can be entered in each group. Participants may cancel the contest in a letter and the registration fee will not be reimbursed. IMPORTANT: Our input notes are for easy management and we encourage you to do so.

Submission closes Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 12:00 a.m. (postmark May 31, 2017). This prize is open to authors of all nationalities who write in English at the submission date.

Submissions must be made in full by the participant and by entering, you confirm that it is your own work. Contributions must never have been posted, republished, posted on a website, blogs or on-line forums, sent or won, or placed in any other contest (e.g. 2., 3., runners-up, etc.).

When your submission is on the longlist or shortlist in other contests and has not been awarded or released, it qualifies for the Bridport Award . Concurrent entries are permitted but will not be considered if a winner wins a award or is announced before the day of the award ceremony; participation fee will not be back.

Notify the Bridport Award immediately if your submission is posted or if you are awarded another award. Posthumous submissions are not allowed. Contributions must be written in English. Mail items must be on one side, page numbers and stapled. Every item should appear on a new page.

Shorts with twice the spacing and a number of words at the top of the first page. The records may not contain any names, addresses or identifiers other than the name. Please note that the filenames of the on-line records must be the name of the record and it must be either a.doc,.docx,.rtf,.wps,.pdf or.txt or.

Items are not returnable, keep a copy. Changes to the contributions can no longer be made. Participants who wish to rectify mistakes must make a new submission with the note "Final Version" on the cover page and re-register with the registration fees paid. In case of inadequate postal charges, the Bridport price does not cover the extra postal charges and the contribution will be refunded by the post office.

In our film you will find step-by-step instructions for submission of your contribution on-line. Mailing - Attach a prepaid address labelled'ACKNOWLEDGEMENT' to your mailing if you need an acknowledgment of delivery. Your on-line registration will be acknowledged by the reception of your money at WorldPay or PayPal and an e-mail with the Bridport price.

You cannot acknowledge the arrival of contributions by telephone or e-mail. In order to obtain the jury's report (only on the winners' entries) and the complete results in October 2017, please attach an enclosed letter with the inscription'RESULTS'. Because of the large number of participants, we can only get in touch with those participants who have won the contest every year or have been short-listed.

Failure to contact us by mid-September means that your listing was not chosen on that date. Global copyrights for each contribution remain with the writer, but the Bridport Prize has the absolute right to include the awarded poetry and story (including Highly Commendeds) in the publication of the publication's annually published manuscript and all pertinent advertising materials.

Judge are not able to give comments on single citations. Skilled readership supports the above-mentioned jurors in the selection of short-lists. Bridport Awards reserve the right to switch the jury without prior notification. Bridport awards the following prizes: New Distinction: £1,000 1. price plus up to one year tutoring by The Literary Consultancy through their Channel & Verse Menuing Schema, 500 vice champion plus full review, 3 x shortlist awards of 100 plus 50 pages review.

Bridport Prize retains the right to change these regulations if considered necessary. Changes to the regulations will be published on the Bridport Prize website.

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