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You are looking for courageous and daring short stories (and poetry and flash fiction). Many competitions and groups (not only for writing, but also for publishing, marketing, etc.). I' d like to be paid to write for blogs and websites. Literature magazine directories are available online (some free pages to try): The Boulevard Magazine is dedicated to publishing the best literature.

Wherever you can post your short stories online

Coupled with the advancement of tech and an increasing number of e-zine editions, filing your short histories on-line is a great way to win advertising and trust as a writer. ezine is a great way to get started. You should reward the work, perspiration and teardrops that go into your letter with good lighting. These are some of the better e-zines, websites and on-line publicaitons available on the web, as well as some tips on how to find the right one for you.

Short-story periodical, a new three-monthly publishing that welcomes literature from existing, aspiring and newcomers. Receive entries on-line and pay a $25 or more for short feature films between 1500 and 7500 words. This is an on-line literature periodical that brings out new and existing contributors. The company is considered a leading publisher of on-line literature journals because it offers a wide range of individual and unique contents.

You want a fictional image that bears your mark of uniqueness. We accept entries on-line and by mail. Unfortunately, they do not reimburse themselves if your work has been approved for publishing. Writer's Digest has awarded Writer's Cheese four prizes as one of the 101 best websites for writers.

The Toasted Cheese is both a literature magazine and a fellowship for authors, offering good advices and a range of free access contests. Authors are focused on readability, so be sure to maintain your work before submitting it! This is a weave of rhyming, poetic, art and nonfiction.

Founded in 1997, they are considered one of the most popular English literature wezines. We only accept entries submitted on-line. Two pages are recommended for short story contests, as well as printed and electronical publications: Duotropic Digest ( et Every Writers Resource (

They both have a complete listing of websites where you can send in your work. To find the right book for your work, various boxes are available (e.g. category, rate, submission format, etc.). Please be sure to check previous releases and literature on the website before submitting them. Which kinds of literature do they release?

Is your short story in keeping with your fictional tastes? Many of these sites will have a blogs or a forums, so check them out too! Finding a wizzine before submitting your work increases your chance of getting accepted, so take your sweetheart' s chance to find out if it is suitable for you to publish.

He is the author of short novels and has a penchant for creativity. Recently she won the SA Writers' College Short Story Competition 2011 with her story "The Tokoloshe". In 2010 she attended the short story course at Writers' College.

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