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Publishers in Irish are listed below in alphabetical order. He publishes literary fiction and is particularly interested in new authors and short stories. Since I published Let's Write a Short Story a few years ago, I have talked to many authors about writing, publishing and refusing. It's an art to write short stories. It is also an art to publish short stories.


Bridging Homes is a freelance publisher specializing in literature. Led by authors for authors, we do it all out of passion, but we like to give new authors a vote. Started with the first Anthologie of Bridge Houses, Making Changes, which was released in November 2008.

We have since build on our track record and released many more books. You will find further information on our pages "Buy our books". If, at the moment of the search, we do not agree, please register for the newsletters to keep up to date. We are proud to be a kind and professionally minded publisher.

Seventeen publishers who accept unauthorized short story collections

While the more prestigous literature periodicals, such as Ploughshares and Tin House, offer you the greatest benefit, they are difficult to access..... Secondary periodicals (those that publish short stories) are better than periodicals that either don't publish or have very few readers..... There is a great tool for insight profitable class: 296 compensable class for tract message, poetry, nonfiction.....

If you' re writing spectacular literature, go here for over 100 sci-fi and fantasy stores..... As soon as you have at least a ten or 150-225 pages of manuscripts in your publication, you can submit your collections to publishers. Don't forget to put your most powerful story first!

So if you don't make an unforgettable impact with the first, you'll never make it to the second. The Bellevue Literature Press Bellevue Literature Press is dedicated to the publication of literature and non-fiction at the interface of art and scholarship, because we believe that scholarship and the liberal and liberal arts are naturally accompanying the comprehension of people.

Every published volume is intended to promote a comprehensive, multidisciplinary dialog that creates new instruments for thought and debate with the rest of the underworld. The Bellevue Literature Press produces literature and narratives aimed at a general audience. No poems, short story, play, script, memoirs or self-help novels are published.

"The Black Mountain is a literature publication for young authors who publish several different book categories every year. In the next six years from 2014 to the end of 2021, our main emphasis will be on volumes of poems, memoirs, and short story series. They are looking for top-notch literature, imaginative non-fiction and poems that combine an unmistakable sense of voices and visions.

" Scenes: Book-length literature, imaginative non-fiction and poetics. blazevox [books] blazevox[books] is an independently owned small media company based in buffalo, new york. BlazeVOX has so far released 280 titles and over 1000 contributors in its on-line magazine and other publishers. You are looking for poesy, short novels, experimentally written literature, reviews (with accompanying persons, students and stories), female novelists.

You' re paying 10% in fees for literature and poetic booklets. The Coffee House Press releases aspiring and medium-sized writers. Almost all writers of the Swiss Arts Council have written works in literature journals or other periodicals (a CV with a history of previous publication may reinforce your submission). While pre-releases are important, they are not a prerequisite; part of our missions is to present encouraging novice writers alongside those that have already been released.

The Coffee House Print produces literature and feature-length short story compilations, poems, creative textbooks, articles and articles, and incidental memoirs. Nor does CHP release fictional genres such as mystery, Gothic literature, Western, sci-fi or children's music. Currently CHP issues eighteen trading securities per year. The Manic D Manic D Press Manic D Presse is an US literature publication located in San Francisco, California that produces short and written works of literature, poems and graphical novel.

The Manic D Press titles are sold in the USA by Consortium, Last Gasp and distributors such as Ingram and Baker & Taylor, in the UK and EU by Turnaround PSL, in Canada by Publishers Group Canada and throughout the Perseus Group. Every year Milkweed Editions produces 18-20 novels of non-fiction, literature, poems and translations.

The Persea Books is an independant publisher established in 1975 by Michael Braziller and Karen Braziller, who still own and manage the group. It is the goal of the media to release works that meet high literature demands. It publishes poems, literature, essay, memoirs, biographies, books of interest to Jews and Orientals, women's literature, Nativean folk music and revitalised classical works, as well as works in text.

You do not release gender fictions (romance, phantasy, sci-fi, thriller), self-help, textbook or children's music. Requests should contain a covering note, an author's backgrounds and a publications record, a summary of the suggested work and an example section. Queen's Ferry Press was established in 2011 as an independant publishing house specialising in literature.

The media, influenced by a mouth of the coast of Scotland that has been crossed for over a thousand years, tries to produce works that are structured and interpretative. Queen's Ferry is a celebration of bodily craftsmanship and emotion. There are 6-12 publications a year, many by novice writers, and Shadows of Men, which received the TIL Steven Turner Award for Best Work of First Fiction in 2013.

Queen's Ferry Press is proud to expand its quest to provide a place for delicate literature collection by entering other fictional categories. RAINFLALL BOOKS is a UK publishing house for phantasy, horror and sci-fi, specialising in contemporary works based on the inspiration of H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith.

The Red Hen is a nonprofit, freelance journal that produces about twenty works of literature, non-fiction and poems each year. You are looking for unusually valuable and masterly written stories, memoirs, blogs, specialized literature, hybrids, narratives, essays and poem libraries. in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Each year they produce 6-10 of them. Tarutarus is a small UK based independant media established in 1990. You specialise in collector's hardcover book collections of literature of supernatural/foreign/horror-friction. You will also be publishing paperback publications and e-books. The Uncial Presse is looking for full copies of it. "Present needs are futurist, modern, paranormal and historic romances, other fantasies and para-normal tales, cosy and classic enigmas, science fi lms and non-fiction and humour.

Do not hesitate to ask us for other genre narratives, because the long lists of what we would like to see are far too long to be included here. Arte Público Press, a member of the University of Houston, specialises in the publication of modern books, short histories, poems and dramas focusing on the culture and topics of the Americans of Hispania (Cuban, Mexican, Spanish, Puerto Rican and others), and will also publish short works of literature of superlatives (at least 5,000 words).

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