Short Story of 200 words

A short story of 200 words

He opened the new card game and enjoyed the feeling of the linen finish. Newest tweets from 200 Words Short Story (@200wordstory). We' re writing short stories in about 200 words or less. Complimentary ESL short stories, over 200 words, Intermediate, Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, Audio. Nevertheless, short stories still say something, no matter how small or narrow.

Which is the best short story with 200 words?

One Saturday mornings my boyfriend and I were on our ice rink and all of a sudden he began to say: "Was it a vision I saw, a real world of my skull? Last evening at an empty coffee bar that filled my solitude, my possessions, my girl, was it just one of those imagined realities that my obsessive mind created with the help of my mind?

In fact, I knew he liked to think he wasn't Snape but Potter for his Lily, he's Ted for his Robin, he's Ross for his revenge whenever they were at that famed café tables. But I still don't know if the tales he told me were really genuine or if he was thinking of a wasteful Friday even.

It was in these tales that they created the conditions for rewriting the story of "the Englisch Patient" over the course of the evening over time. I always thought it was a nightmare of a lavish Friday evening, because he loved to talk about the British patients when I asked him about romance films.

and the obsession had turned a rational opinion into a silly one. When I heard the story of him with the little boy at the desk of a coffee shop, I knew she didn't give a damn if he was still or not. He rebelled and said it wasn't a fantasy of a lavish Friday evening.

Obsession's deep blacks shattered, torrential rain of logic followed with a beaming sunlight that awakened him when we saw his girlfriend at this famed coffee shop with another man. Now he often goes to sleep in the clear daylight and forces his mind to take over his mind with her thoughts on every lavish Friday even.

"It is a DREAM," he says, "but I am spending one of my best years there.

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