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of the Frahlingur Claire Gerus. Fiction, including mysteries and short story collections. Frahlingur Renée Zuckerbrot is looking for authors with a unique voice. Please contact us for short story collections.

Linguatelite: 12 representatives of short story collections

To find an operative who represents a short story library is not simple. Most agents choose to stay away from short story compilations because they are hard to find and hard to find - unless the writer is already well known. Where you can post short novels, you can find out here: Includes 297 Paid markets for short story, poetry, non-fictionSpeculative Fiction Magazine acceptance submissions18 Paid markets for humor And if you would rather go directly to a publishing house, read:

IMPORTANT: These twelve agents have short stories listet on their MSWL profile (manuscript wish list), but you should NEVER check an agents without first visiting the agency's website. Filing needs are changing and agents can shut down their schedules or move to another one. Jennifer is a alumnus of the University of California Irvine and has a B.A. in English Language Literary and Literatures of Spain and a year of study in Literatures and Cultural Studies at the University of Barcelona.

Ms. Bert is a member of the PEN Membership Committee and a board member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) and Slice Magazine. View her top ten short story lists on Storyville. In search of short novels and volumes of poems with populare charm. After living in Poland and Hungary, I have a keen interest in Eastern Europe literature that feels in voice/perspective (or exploring topics after the Soviet and Cold War), and I find everything that concerns myself with exiles and expatriations arrested immediately.

No matter what the demographic, I have a tendency to like contrasting neighborly and low-brow contents, nice sets and nasty motifs - nice and frightening, heart-rending and comical. Forward and backward writing of mysteries, intrigues, vengeance, conspiracies and tales to make meaning (I CHOOSE to discover a very skillfully planting hint that makes perfect sense in hindsight).

In general I concentrate on literary literature for adults, nonfiction, mid-range and young adults. I' ve been an operative for 26 years and I really like finding new people. It is my pleasure to get lost in one story and to be taken to another world, be it in the past, in the present or in the poster.

I' m an absolute Francophilian and have been spending a lot of my spare minute in Paris and the South of France, and yes, I've been selling a lot of foreign literature because I'm always working! Loving to look at it. Magic realisticism in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's veins, a literary fantasy in which the figures transform just as much as the scenery around them, absurdity a la George Saunders, everything that reminds of Karen Russell, powerful, angular women's parts like Miranda July,

in Kentucky or the South, literary YA with novel figures and modern YA with figures who follow their passion and try to understand what it' s like in Rainbow Rowell's books. I am looking for literary and business literature and YA.

I like tales that oppose gender convention and interfere with readers' expectation, and I particularly like dystopic diction, eco-fiction and absurd tales and everything that has to do with a scientist's ancestor. If you' re looking for a book that explores great things through exciting tales. Well, I like a sense of humour, open or smart.

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