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We' ve got a crazy story with robots poking at each other. Today's history is called "The Line of Least Resistance". This is Larry West with the story. You smile or laugh about the snake belt guy with no girlfriend? The thread contains a series of short stories that take place in the Magic Story.

Best first line of a short story.... ever? - Deflection No. 99

In response to my contribution about how much I loved the first few words, Adam said that his Englishman always said that the best opening line for a short story, ever, was this: Well, no matter what I think of the story itself, I confess it's a great opening speech.

Continuing with my readings (although I felt diverted and was not finished). The best introduction to a short story ever made? Well, you know I like short story. I' m keeping the ones I like the most so I can reread them later - at the present time I have about eight folders full of them.

A few are tales I saw in my studies in colleges; some are tales from my colleagues in workshop that really made an impression on me; most are tales from short tales and short tales from short books and literature magazines that I have been reading over the years and that I didn't want to overlook. As I thought about Adam's questions, last evening I removed some of the folders to see if I could find my own one.

Unfortunately, I couldn't choose just one. These are some first phrases that I just love: Then who could forget: I know that there are many I didn't mentioned.... I couldn't find all my folders last evening. Now that I've entrusted a few of my favourite first few short story rows - like a mystery book - tell me, what are some of yours?

Which would be a imaginative action with a strand of a short story entitled'The Interview'?

Somebody goes to an interviewer, they speak to everyone in the business just to find out that there is no interviewer. Somebody has worked for a business for years, but everyone has harassed them all the time, and only after they think they will be sacked do they find out that the whole thing was an actual meeting and that they got the work.

You' re going to a firm for an appointment. An anchor anchor has spent his whole lifetime in the dark because his station has the lowest audience rating of all your neighbourhood newscasters. They desperately offer quotas and question a mass murderer. Series murderer kicks headlines. Somebody is interviewing someone just for the post of dying, and their first task is to murder their newborn.

Meteor rains from the skies, grasshoppers are crowding the countryside, and men cry for the unjust. I' m taking the main character to an interviewer. There are two guys going on a date, it's like an actual one. He' s got a flashback when he was questioned for this job. Remembers an interviewee with the cops.

When he was a newcomer, the interviewee has a cutback in this cutback on the other side of the desk. "No, no, langer interviewwed me," he shouts in the skies..... There' re millions of horrible stories and if you're just trying to think of an ideal for a cup of creativity, just type the first thing that comes to mind.

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