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We are currently on break as we are recruiting more team members and preparing for a relaunch later this year. The most important magazines, Short Fiction Creative Nonfiction Flash, One Throne shows the most important ones in written form, which covers all genres and all styles. You publish short stories, poems, dramas and flash fiction. Magazine of the short story in English language. This is the website of the short story journal with original works, reviews, author interviews and scientific essays.

Cave Magazine

Recent poems & non-fiction as well as our HONEST sign. Included in One to watch is an exclusive feature by Sejal H. Patel, Barbara Ridley. Explore our HONEST DICTION shelf mark and more. Every quarter contains almost a doze of new, up-and-coming, incumbent authors from the fields of literature, poems and non-fiction. The Pushcart Prize has been awarded to our tales and the Million Readers Award twice.

Unparalleled amenities you won't find in other literature journals are Decline/Accept, Story Statshot and One to Watch, among others. Raymond Carver Short Story Tournament is open every year from April 1st to May 15th and has $2500 in prize money. A lot of former champions quote the competition as a point of departure for their careers in order to ensure themselves agencies, to publish agreements or to create their own magazine.

Throughout the year we welcome short stories, poems and non-fiction about submittables and post. Paying our performers hard of charge, we advertise their upcoming releases on our blogs and on our online community and handle them like rockstars. When we don't release your story and someone else does, we will be adding you to our ever-growing roster of denials/assumptions.

Shortfiction " the optical literature magazine

We are currently on a break as we are recruiting more members and preparing for a re-launch later this year. Therefore the entries are currently inactive. Check for news and news here, on our Facebook page and on our own site, via our blog TwinFix8. We' re looking forward to releasing some of the best short storytelling in the nearness of time.

List of journals and literary journals for submission

Inkitt Literary Inkitt is the world's first reader-based publishing house to offer an on-line library for gifted writers and enthusiasts. Create compelling storylines, browse charming fictions, and we release the most loved ones on the basis of the knowledge of the crowd. NunumLiteraryNUNUM is published every three months and is currently going to be published for the next edition. You' re looking for both light entertainment and the arts, and while they ask for a small entry fees, you get your work topped.

IdeomancerSpeculative FictionIdeomancer releases poetic and fictional speculation that investigates the borders of notions. Tales that undermine, disprove and shift boundaries. Includes Abyss and ApexSpeculative FictionSlipstream, YA, hyper text fixtures, deep fantasy, sci-fi puzzles, magic reality, tough sci-fi, smooth sci-fi, sci-fi fantasy, urbane fantasy, militar sci-fi, spooky tales, sci-fi, space-fi, cyber-punk, steamunk .

Both Abyss and Apex have no thematic preferences, beyond the demand that the work has a purely theoretical component. You like to tell tales that don't belong anywhere else. FlashOne Thrones shows the most important things in written form, covering all categories and every style. You are open to contributions of previously unseen short feature films and original non-fiction books (up to 7,500 words), as well as poems and the like.

HorrorApex is an on-line journal for professional and poetic writers on sci-fi, phantasy, horror and all three mash-ups. A work full of mark and passions, tales that are distorted, odd and beauty. HorrorStrange Horizons is a journal about hedge funds and related non-fiction. Spekulative fairy tales include sci-fi, phantasy, horror, leecheshadow and all other flavours of phantastic.

The work, which has been released in Strange Horizons, has been nominated or won for Hugo, Nebula, Rhysling, Theodore Sturgeon, James Tiptree Jr. and World Fantasy Awards. FantasyClarkesworld is a Hugo and World Phantasy Award winner sci-fi and phantasy publication that features short films, short story, interview, articles as well as audioglyph. Wyrm Publishing also produces all source literature in a pocket book collection.

FantasyOrson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show is looking for tales of any length in the genre of sci-fi and phantasy. Niven, Asimov, Tolkien, Yolen and Hobb are more our role models than James Joyce. FantasyLightspeed is looking for inventive sci-fi and phantasy-story. Any kind of sci-fi and phantasy is welcome.

Nothing should be regarded as taboo, and they urge authors to take risks and cross borders with their notions. Every seven workdays you can enter a sci-fi and phantasy story. FantasyDaily Sci-Fi is a professionally produced release of sci-fi, phantasy, leecheshadow and more. This is the place to post your inventive story or work of art.

FantasyFantasy & Sciences magazines are looking for tales that address sciences and fantasies people. You' ll love character-oriented storylines and get a great deal of fanciful but never enough sci-fi or comedy. You are publishing literature with a length of up to 25,000 words. Asimov' s Asimov' s Science FiAsimov' s SciAsimov' s Scientific FiFiction Magazin is an incumbent audience for sci-fi story.

Asimov' s will pay 8-10 Cent per words for short story up to 7,500 words and 8 Cent for every 7,500 words over. You rarely buy a story that is less than 1,000 words or longer than 20,000 words, and you don't series them. Pay $1 per line for poems that should not be more than 40 rows.

They' ve purchased some of our best tales from folks who've never even had a story to sell. Similar sci-fi fiction and FactSci-FiStories, in which some aspects of upcoming sci-fi are so important that if this point were taken away, history would break down. and you' ll see what I mean.

Not a story! Scientists can be physically, sociologically and psychologically. However, the story must be powerful and real, with credible individuals (who don't have to be human) doing credible things - no matter how awesome the backdrop may be. FantasySend Wordhouse your legends of excitement, your bold histories of tension, journals of bizarre beings from other sizes, but keep them below 2,500 words.

PoetryThe aim of this on-line magazine is to find new poetical instruments to depict modern societies, characterised by globalisation (suppression of geographic boundaries, mixing languages) and pluralism (fluidity in every sense, fragmented identities). He wants to transcribe poetry of all types (free verses, narratives, experiment, fragment, etc.), in English, French, French, French, short poetry, long poetry, lyric poetry or mechanic poetry or lyric-mechanic poetry, city poetry, earthy poetry, poetry that mixes the old and the new.

Cherry TreeLiterary JournalCherry Tree are authors who appreciate and release well-made short novels, poetry and cinematography. They are not worried about us. FantasyBeneath Ceaseless Skies releases "literary adventures fantasy": tales with a subtle worldview and some sense of tradition or classical imagination, but composed with a liturgical touch.

You want to play tales that take place in what Tolkien termed a "secondary world": another one that differs in some way from our own one. McSweeney's QuarterlyLiteraryThe McSweeney's staff publish both literature and non-fiction. Granta Literary Granta only releases genuine materials, i.e. the first one. Glitter TrainLiteraryOne of the most prestigious short story magazines in the press, Glitter Train remains an active supporter of aspiring write.

It is featured in the last issues of the Pushcart Prize: The PEN/O, Best of the Small Presses, New Stories from the Midwest. The Henry Prize Stories, New Stories from the South, Best of the West, New Stories from the Southwest et Best American Short Stories. Ageniliteraryagni releases poems, short films and articles.

Authors published in the journal are Derek Walcott, Louise Gl├╝ck, David Foster Wallace, Seamus Heaney, Jhumpa Lahiri, Ha Jin, Olga Broumas, Tom Sleigh, Jill McCorkle, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Gail Mazur, Noam Chomsky, Ilan Stavans and Rosanna Warren. In House Literary Accepts Unauthorized Submission September 1, 2015 to February 28, 2016.

StoryLiteraryOne Story is dedicated to the creation and promotion of young authors. We help authors browse the publisher's community and promote their works through e-mail campaigns, on our website and online communities, in a monthly supplement in the journal and at their yearly Literary Debutante Ball.

The Crazy HorseLiteraryCrazyhorse accepts general applications for literature, non-fiction and poems from September 1 to May 31, except for the months of January, when they only receive contributions for their yearly prizes in literature, non-fiction and literature, and July, when we only receive contributions for crackyshorts!

their yearly short film competition. This is Virginia QuarterlyLiteraryPoetry, short film. The ReviewLiteraryThe Prague Review produces poems, literature, essay and review books. One-character and short story entries will not exceed 7,000 words. The Camera ObscuraLiterary$1000 prize for the best work of fictional literature, as defined by the publishers, which is featured in every edit.

Any story that will be submitted for publishing is considered for entry. They all have the same opportunity to win this prize, which is due to their work. InkLiterary404 is a new, alternate, independent editor of a UK-based literature journal. willow springsliterarywillow springs will pay the contributor $100 per long form public performance, $40 for short films (you can enter up to three tales under 750 words per submission) and $20 per public performance poetry (up to 6 can be contained per submission).

Sun MagazineLiterarySun Magazines produces articles, in-depth articles, poems and literary. Boulevard literary boulevard produces the best novels, poems and non-fiction. The Vestal ReviewFlash FictionVestal Review is the oldest review dealing solely with the subject of lightning. The Vestal Review is a perfectly illustrated semi-annual printed journal with a website focused on a kind of under-representation: flashy (or short stories).

With a good lightning, packed with a coherent storyline, a wealth of speech and tempting images, it is perhaps the most difficult kind of writing it. Good lightning is so concentrated that it borders on the poetic. Good lightning occupies your spirit not only for the short period of reading, but also for a long period afterwards.

QuarterlyFlash FictionSmokelong Quarterly releases smokelong fun that is 1000 words or less. Smoke Long Tales have been awarded the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Web, Best Small Fictions and Wigleaf Top 50. They' also collected at places like Norton's Dashes and Uncle John's Bathroom Reader:

Rack-and-pinion flush fi. Thankfully, there are some of the "best flashless fiction" (500 to 1000 words) that you can find in the world. Every edition contains three new and experienced writers' tales. Though many of their employees have a preference for the spectacular, they choose and indulge in fantasy in every style.

Ever Day FictionFlash FictionEvery Day is looking for a very short (Flash) notion of up to 1000 words. There is nothing too short - if you can do the work in 50 words, then do it! - but the reader prefers plays that tell or at least suggest a full story (a kind of plot or suspense that rises to a point of peak, and at least a reference to a dissolution, although not everything has to be spelt out).

World RiotFlash FictionWord Riot releases the powerful voice of aspiring authors and poet. Every months they offer the reader review books, writer interviewing and, most important of all, some of the best and lightest writings in the literature world. BrevityFlash FictionBrevity releases well-known and aspiring authors working in the ultra short (750 words or less) essays.

You have also introduced many previously unreleased writers and are particularly pleased about the start of a new career in writing. Matador ReviewFiction, Nonfiction, The Matador Review, PoetryAlternative Arts and Literatures Journal The Matador Review is looking for contributions all year round. It publishes poems, novels, flash fictions and inventive non-fiction and invites all non-published works of writing in British (and translation supported by the source text) and many different types of fine arts.

Its aim is to support "alternative works" from the fields of arts and literary works and to foster the new trend of respectful ness for on-line publishing. The Uprising ReviewFictionThe aim of The Uprising Review is to foster fantasy regardless of genres and to foster freedom of expression in the area of creativity. You believe that inconvenient issues need to be researched, creativity should not be hampered by limitations, and freedom of expression is an important part of the creativity game.

Although there are innumerable ways to tell short story, many of them limit the author to the contents that they can broadcast or who the author himself is. The Speculative FictionShimmer aims to provide outstanding literature on racial, ethnic ity, sex, social status, sex, geographical and cultural issues, and therefore encourage the submission of various tales by different author.

You are not interested in buying a ruse that disparages or immortalizes the prejudices of the above groups. Sky-Island JournalPoetry, Flash Film, NonfictionBorn in the south of Arizona and New Mexico, Sky Island is an independant on-line literature magazine with worldwide coverage. We' re devoted to the discovery, curation and publication of the best of the best of genuine literature, light books and blogs.

Her best writings deserve an audiences, and it is our unique task to offer our readership a strong, concentrated and ad-free literary adventure that conveys them: an adventure that defies them spiritually and emotively. The ZiN DailyMultiple genresZiN Daily is the live and on-line creativity lab of CVONA i NARI in Istria, Croatia, where books take place every single second.

Our search for fine art, literature, non-fiction and poems in English, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, French, Italian and more. MysteryAmber & Sand Amper & Sand PublishingLiterary appreciates short feature film entries (5,000 - 8,000 words) and short films (less than 70,000 words) submitted on-line. You are interested in tales that play in London or have a trans-Atlantic reference.

It is a fiction, multimedia, poetry and musicscriblerus literature art publication that aims to investigate the personal experiences of man with sincerity and truth. Scriblerus' on-line publication is published and sponsored by the Literature Production Department at Greenville College. The Eventus MagazineLiterary TravelEventus is a literature based travelling magazin which investigates the beneficial effects of places and individuals.

In a number of imaginative works, her worldwide adventurer group writes about central events, deals with inspirational people and seeks the extraordinary. Each month, The World PressLiterary TravelThe World Tale Press, an art and literature journal, presents the world of literature, art and innovation. With the growth of this web site WTP also wants to arouse the interest of art dealers and frahlings who visit its pages to find new people.

They are nominated for the Pushcart Prize, the Poets' Prize and a number of international renowned performers.

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