Short Story Guidelines

Guidelines for short stories

Have a look at these guidelines to give yourself the best chance of success. Here is everything you need to know about publishing your short story in YOU. As long as the author considers the work a short story, there is no upper word limit. Long Story, Short is a literary magazine for short stories. - short stories in English, unpublished*.

Your short story - Your

Youurs is always looking for good short story. Each entry is reviewed, but we get more than a hundred copies per calendar year and can only post one short story per edition. If you wish to return your work, please allow up to six moths for an answer and include a prepaid, envelop.

Entries should be 1000-2,000 words long and have not yet been posted elsewhere. Occasionally we also release longer histories spread over three editions. They should be about 3,000-3,200 words long and the first two parts must end on a clip so that the reader is curious about what will happen in the next epistol.

The manuscript can be sent by e-mail or by mail, clearly labeled SHORT STORY. Entries must be TYPED on one page of the document and the cover page must contain the following: It' important that you have three or four tales in YOUR language before you write something for us. Please have a look at several YOURS editions.

Most of our readership is in their mid-60s and 70s. They' re mostly females, although YOURS is widely spoken by some men, so don't disregard their interests! Pleas continue reading....... Many of our writers worked in the battle and/or had spouses or friends who served in the armed forces.

This first line of your story should attract your interest; it's all too simple to begin a story with a pop that quickly turns into a wet pop at the end of the first page. Maintain the reader's interest to the end or they won't go to that far - and a bright and surprising ending won't make them even reading it.

Prevent stereotyped pictures of elderly as sick, fragile and Ionely. It doesn't always take a good story by storm. Think of your reader, not only as an elderly person, but as a common person who has lived through everything in their lives - infancy, adolescence, career entry, fall in love, boyfriends and families, happiness, grief, sadness, desire and smile.

YOUR reader have their own interests and needs that correspond to their many years of experience, but many of their aspirations, anxieties and desires are common to all of us and they still have a good story. It is regrettable that entries will not be sent back without SEE.

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