Short Story Formula

Brief Story Formula

An experienced writer also knows that it can be more difficult to write a short film than to write a full-length novel. 6 short story formula plot templates to help you structure a story. When you are a new author, an action formula is your shortcut to writing a great story. IN THE SHORT STORY. In simple terms, action is WAS HAPPENS in a short story, a novel, a play or a film.


Shortfilms are short stories that usually contain between 1200 and 1500 words. But a seasoned author also knows that it can be more challenging to write a short film than to write a full-length novel. It narrows the word creator down and takes away the development of his or her characters, story and settings, which he or she can fully unfold in a short story, a novel or a full-length novel.

Each line and every section of the short film must be important in order to advance the story quickly and concisely. As a prizefighter, the writer of the short, short experiments tries to win points with every turn of the ballpoint point ball-pens. In order to cope with this job, it is crucial that you make your short short well planned, from beginning to end, long before you begin a first design.

In order to help me with my typing, I have created a six-step formula that guides my stylus from the beginning to the end of the short film. Design your story well and divide it into three parts - beginning, center and end. First, type the end of your story. To know where and how your story will end will keep the beginning and center section in line.

It will ensure that you are not distracted from your story. The short form is to keep the overview. If you are beginning your story, use the dive hole. Now that the beginning and the end are inscribed, the center of your story will virtually be inscribed. Don't end the story with your good boy getting sick or vice versa.

Avoid introducing an unfamiliar person who comes out of the sky to help rescue the family. Utilize a powerful dialog to drive the story forward. After all, you are writing a story that is well deserved to be known. But when it comes to storytelling, this is not the truth. Unexpected ends are perfect, and the most coveted short trousers are the ones with surprising ends - something with a twin.

However, if you can't think of a story with a storyline, make sure that the ending gets the readers to start reading your next story, the after, the after and so on.

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