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Kurzgeschichten ("short stories") section (self-assessment). Kurzgeschichten ("short stories") section (self-assessment). They are looking for short stories that explore and expand the possibilities of form. is a fascinating form of literature. Before filling out this form, please read the registration information.

This is the compelling ascent of the short story

There is no question about it, the short story has "a moment". Beginning last year, Lydia Davis, less a short story author than a short story author (some of her stories are only a set long) won the Man Booker International Prize, a choice that took the literature overturn.

As Davis' victory was followed by a Nobel Prize for Canada's short story author Alice Munro, murmurs began to spread that something significant was going on. Some of a novelist - loved by Zadie Smith and Jonathan Franzen - had Saunders ejected into the open and put on the best-seller-list.

With him - reddening as he took off his "Who? My little Me?" coat - he became a short form notion. Saunders, Munro and Davis are not the first short story authors to be praised by the majorstream. Whilst the short-story is arousing interest in prices in the majorstream, they alone are not to blame for its turning point.

Last year the BBC Prize was won by Man Booker writer Sarah Hall, and the Harper's Bazaar Prize was divided between writers Fatima Bhutto and Jill Dawson. Innovation such as Amazon's Kindle Singles, where well-known writers wrote short plays (5,000 to 30,000 words), were transformer. Winning the Nobel Prize in almost the same category as Munro, Eleanor Catton won the Man Booker with her 832-page d├ębut The Luminaries.

On almost 800 pages Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch - often referred to as Dickensian - won this year's Pulitzer and was awarded the first Baileys Women's Prize in June. Despite the fact that his books span several hundred pages, Dickens made a name for himself during his life as a serialist: a champion of eponymous literary art, who offers the reader in a similar way to a short story in a week ly or a monthly installment.

Atwood, a author known for covering various styles and styles, publishes an entirely new volume, Positron, Episodic, Kindle Single by Kindle Single. Elizabeth Taylor's short story,'The Blush' Brevity, suppleness of the feet, intrepid love of detail. This and much more is the focus of almost every good short story.

Specialized in the subtleties of bourgeois daily routine, her tales found a new public after her deaths in 1975. Dubus, the short story author, essays author and historian (below) was struck by a commotion. The short diction awakened the small city of America in which he was living to being. It is said that his fine, sparse tales have done for Ulster what Joyce did for Dublin.

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