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Examples of short stories

It's one of many I want to publish in a short story novel. Tips and examples for the submission of short stories by Chuck Sambuchino. The short story is a written story about imaginary events that is only a few pages long. So what are some examples of famous short stories? I' m always happy to teach about the use of Flashback in short stories.

Example of a short story analysis: Gogol Nicolai

The story of how Ivan Ivan Ivan Ivanovich fought with Ivan Nikiforovich and the landowners of the Old World. This first story is set in a small Ukrainian city of Myrgorod. Ivan Nikiforovich, for example, is bold, short and straightforward, while Ivan Ivanovich is thin, large and well-language ( Gogol?, Leonard and Konstanz).

The story begins with great co-existence and great unity between the two and the people. The town knows that they are the best mates. This is the most amusing story in Nicolai's collections. It' about two men taking each other to trial because one named the other a duck. Her pompous egos of belligerent boyfriends capture the whole story.

Complaints to the courthouse give the readers a deep insight into the individual personalities. Nicolai's vision of the justice and justice system is illustrated in this story. Every section of history has its own conflicts that make it seem like a sequel. If you compare the latter with the first, much has been said about the two individuals who are continuing an escalating war.

Your clashes have dominated much of history. Silly enough, they decided to abandon the tribunals without any ruling instead of continuing their dispute in front of the judiciary (Gogol?, Leonard and Konstanz). Your dispute will last more than a decad. They are two people who were best acquaintances, but a straightforward dispute is about to break out of a long-standing dispute that went on for more than a decennium.

Everything begins when Ivan Ivanovich notices his boyfriend drying. Ivanovich' s neighbour is not prepared to let him go and again Ivanovich names a goesose that insults him horribly. In order to apply the offence, Nikiforovich builds a two post gosling stable that rests on the friend's land.

As retribution, Ivanovich cut off his feet at nights and feared that Nikiforovich would set his home on fire. At this point Ivan Ivan Ivanovich goes to trial to have Nikiforovich imprisoned for malicious intent. He' s trying to persuade her to make reparations, which pisses off the boyfriend who stormed him out of the courthouse.

Nikiforovich, on the other side, is brought to justice with his appeal, surprisingly, but oddly enough the appeal is taken by a bay swine belonging to Ivan Ivan Ivanovich just after he has left the courthouse (Brodiansky 38). The author was asked to analyse Gogol's short story.

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