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The editing of short stories, novels and short stories is a speciality that requires special attention. Use a shorter word instead of a purple one. It is one of the rare online tools specifically designed for editing novels and short stories. You can get a free machining example today! You' re sending your story to a fiction editor who's never heard of you.

The Short Story Editor - John Fox

Literature journals release only 1 - 3% of the histories they get. I' ve been working on short novels for over a dozen years, I' ve edited a short story guide by Press 53 and have written a lot in places like Third Coast, Crazyhorse, Chicago Tribune and Shenandoah. When you are prepared to take your letter to the next stage, it is certainly a good idea to work together.

You' ll get a 1- to 2-page article about the different aspects of your story - storyline, character, opening, ending, part, playfulness, emotions, sense of place and everything else that is appropriate. I' m always trying to fulfil your story, your premonition. Poor short story writers are pushing their visions onto your work.

and you don't want a high school football coaches yelling vulgarities. The short story library "I Will Shoot Your Name" is available on Press 53. I won the Shenandoah and Third Coast Film Contests and was a Chicago Tribune Nelson Algren Finals.

I have released over 40 short feature films in literature magazines, such as Crazyhorse, Arts & Letters and Los Angeles Review. Education: For over a decad I gave classes in the field of creativity typing at universities such as the University of Southern California and Chapman University. There are two diplomas in Arts and Crafts, an MA from New York University and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Write short stories: In the last ten years I have posted more than 800 articles on the subject of short story and authoring here in Bookfox, among them my rankings of literature journals and my book magazine and short story collection critiques. I' ll be reading your short story several time and give comprehensive, in-depth feedbacks on things you could do well and work on.

I will send you my response within 5 working hours. They go away with a significantly enhanced short story, one that will be loved by the reader and that has a much better shot at being out. I' ll work on short story collection within 5 working hours and short story collection within 2 workdays. I' m not accepting customers unless I have the free moment to work on them, which means I'll never put you on a waitlist.

I have been working on customer scripts for over a dozen years, longer than most writers. I' ve worked on every type of literature, from literature to sci-fi to romanticism (and I love it too). In other words, I give you substantive feed-back on everything to do with your story. Consider me a counsellor for your typing abilities, not only for this story, but for your entire work.

I' m asking 250 dollars for tales with less than 5,000 words. I' m asking 350 dollars for a story between 5,000 and 8,000 words. When you are writing short story (under 1000 words each), I will handle 3 tales as one short story: $250. If you are interested in short story collection, I am offering prices less per story.

Find out how to order the line. Choosing which ones are best suited for the collections - often there are a few tales that don't quite match, and we usually have a dialog about why certain tales would or wouldn't work well. Identify the topics so that you can best describe the cover and market the story and how you can make the story complement each other.

When you' re done with your payment, mail me your story:

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