Short Story Contests

Shorstory Contests

We are looking for short stories! The jury is looking for short stories (no scripts) with special cinematic potential. If you write Flash-Fiction or a novella, we want to read your story! Writer Flash Fiction Competition. The summer seems to be the right time to write briefly.

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The current winner are enumerated here. Entries must be a short story of 1,000 to 3,500 words in English. As an alternative, the story may be unreleased. The work must be the complete work of the participant and the participant must have full publishing privileges to the story. Entries must be supported by a biography containing all the information about the published story of the film.

Participants are not geographically restricted, access is open to all, even non-British authors. Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Registration is a declaration of your agreement to all terms and condition.

Thirteen short story competitions in Canada for novelists

Call to all Canada Belletrists! There are 13 forthcoming short story competitions from Canada's literature organisations. Each of these short story competitions is open to novels from all over Canada and all are open to aspiring composers. The majority of them are offering money awards. As well as a money award, some also publish them for a fee.

There are many literature organisations that organise competitions instead of submitting entries on a rotational basis, and the entries submitted are taken into account for both the basic publishing and the competition. You like this short story competition canada? View our other literature competition listings, which include poem and non-fiction competitions.

Cinematical short story competition

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