Short Story Competition

Contest for short stories

Why is this British short story so special? Wellcome to our short stories section. It is an open competition and we accept all genres, including those written by or for children. Fiction short story competition for philosophy. Well-known short-story writer Daphne Du Maurier.

Price: £5,000

In addition, two additional options: a weekly course in the Gladstone Library and a full editorial meeting with Virago Press. The four winners will be announced in the March 2019 edition of Mslexia. Before you sign up, please make sure you have reviewed the FAQ. Every registration allows you to enter a short story.

The SAC Short Story Contest

Scottish Arts Club Chairtable Trust provides a range of author recognition and opportunity. This Scottish Arts Club short story competition is open to authors from all over the world who are released and unreleased by October 1, 2018 and are over 18 years of age. First price is £1000 plus two second prices of £100 each.

The entries for the competition should be 1,500 words or less and can cover any subject. Isobel Lodge Award is a £500 award for unreleased Scottish authors who were either native, live or study in Scotland and take part in the Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition.

To Hull & Back - Short Story Competition - UK Competition

In August 2017, the fifth To Hull And Back Short Story Competition, anual short story competition with a funny turn of events that will celebrate the most fanciful and astonishing short story by authors from all over the inland. So what can you gain by taking part in this competition that deals with these short story prizes for heavy-weights?

Each of the winner and entry will be featured in the To Hull And Back Short Story Anthology. It will be available as a professional publication, print version and as a Kindle file. When they are posted in the textbook, an author resume will appear next to your story and on my website.

It consists of a charming image of you, a short biography that tells the reader everything about how astonishing you are and your website if you have one. Additionally, an authors survey with the winners will be released. The joy will devastate your whole being and you will be forced to perform nude dancing for no good cause, no mater where you are.

We' re taking the winning team to Hell Hull and back. To Hull And Back Antology features the winner's face on the front. You can see the artwork from earlier contests below. In addition, the winners will get a hard copy of the manuscript. Prior to being sent to them, their notebook is straped and recorded to the handlebar of a two-wheeled carriage of joy (also known as Harley Davidson FLSTFi Fatboy 1584cc V2IN motorcycle) and driven to Hull and back.

A marvellous town in the United Kingdom (voted Capital of Culture in 2017), Hull's name resembles a place said to be rather uncomfortable, passionate and possessed by doomsday. I' m going to go to Rull to ride it. So in 2016 I relocated and now reside a little further away from town.

I have a GoPro cam strap on my breast so I can shoot the trip of the soon-to-be most sought-after copy of the manuscript. It is delivered with the copy of the Hull and back to you. Bottom is the 4th To Hull And Back winning movie with the competition winners, Crystal Jeans, with guestperformances of Crystal's mother, kitten and hounds, some watch goose, Hilda The Hog (my bicycle, as called by Crystal), Wales, England and of course the beautiful town of Hull.

For the 2017 competition, the film was shot in May 2018. The third To Hull And Back winning movie is below, with Peter Ewing, the Shortlist Victor, Helen Combe, Amanda the Landlady, some eager goose and duck, an airplane, the Humber Bridge, many highways and of course the fantastic town of Hull.

For the 2016 competition, the film was shot in April 2017. The second To Hull And Back movie with the award-winning Radovana Jágriková is below. The film was shot for the 2015 competition in April and May 2016. This is the first To Hull & Back movie with the winning Mike Scott Thomson.

The film was made for the 2014 competition in April 2015. Thanks to Mike Scott Thomson for the trip to Hull and the leading role in the film. Bottom is a movie called'To Batht and Back' (doesn't quite have the same ring as'To Hull and Back', but Baths is only 10 mile away from Bristol and I was fucked if I wanted to go to Hull, unless I really had to).

The film was made so that the participants could see an example of the award in the first year of the competition. Now when I go to Hull, I'll use the winning copy of the book. As soon as you have finished reading the regulations and requirements, please use PayPal to make your payment using the form below.

Submitting a contribution constitutes recognition of all general conditions. Registrations are only possible by e-mail. Please do not send me printouts. Registrations are expected from August 1, 2017. Until 30 April 2018 there is an early booking fee: 9 for 1 story, 15 for 2 tales, 18 for 3 tales.

I' ve introduced the early booking charge as I received about 60% of the submissions last months. Since the number of submissions increases each year, the early-bird fee encourages folks to join early so that it is easier to read all the tales and prepare the short list.

When you make use of the early booking charge, you must hand in your story by 30 April at noon. The starting money from 1 May 2018 to 31 July 2018 is 11 for 1 story, 18 for 2 and 22 for 3. Competition ends at 11am.

This competition is held on an annual basis so that after this period, entries submitted will be included in next year's competition, which will open immediately after the end of the new one. Shortlists will be published on this website by 20 September 2018. To Hull and Back Anthology will be published on October 31, 2018.

Winners will be brought to Hull and back in early 2019 (usually around March/April) if the wheather permits. Soon after, the winning copy of the manuscript will be sent to them and the travel videos of the travel will be made available on YouTube, Facebook and this website. It is open to writers resident all over the globe.

Each story must be in English. The submissions to the competition can be previewed. It also means that you can enter your work in another location at the same moment as you take part in this competition. But if your story is acceptable elsewhere, it is still suitable for this competition and will not be discarded.

Can work on British spelling tales if they have been chosen for publishing in the manuscript for reasons of texture. Tales may not be longer than 2,500 (two thousand five hundred) words. In order to make this clear, if your listing contains 2,501 (two thousand five hundred and one) words or more, it will be discarded.

It is an open competition and there is no fixed topic, but there must be a certain amount of humor in a story - see the kinds of story I am looking for below for further clarification. In case you cannot deliver your listing in one of these file sizes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me - we can usually work around it.

Registration fee: From August 1 to April 30 there is an early booking charge. It' s 9 (nine pound GBP) starting fees for 1 (one) record, 15 (fifteen pound GBP) starting fees for 2 (two) records and 18 (eighteen pound GBP) starting fees for 3 (three) records. Early booking ends at 11 am.

59 GMT on April 30. When paying the early booking fees, you must file your story by April 30. As of 1 May the registration fees are 11 (eleven pound GBP) for 1 (one) registration, 18 (eighteen pound GBP) for 2 (two) registrations and 22 (twenty-two pound GBP) for 3 (three) registrations.

Before you submit your listing, please make the payment. Contest contribution - your name". Well, for example my name:'Competition Entrance - Chris Fielden'. In the e-mail, please provide your name, your postal and phone number (including country), your PayPal e-mail if different from the e-mail you used to submit your listing, and a short bio (max. 200 (two hundred) words).

Include an image of yourself so that I can use it with your biography on this website if you are short-listed or won the competition. Every writer can write a max of 3 (three) tales. After receipt of the registration there will be no refund of the registration fees.

Submissions will only be acknowledged by authors or their agent. Submitting a contribution constitutes recognition of all general conditions. If it is unlikely that any circumstance beyond my reasonable discretion, I retain the right to decline at any given moment. If this is the case, all entrance fee will be fully reimbursed.

It is an open competition, so any type of story is taken into account, even kids, as long as it is in some way fun or comical. One doesn't have to try to be fun with every single words (although it's good to do it), but it has to be an aspect of humor in history, even if it's just a short bit of amusement.

I' m looking for fanciful tales that are captivating, with powerful personalities that grab a readers attention and force them to continue reading until the (very satisfying) end. You will see, when you finish one of my short novels, I am enjoying the imagination. So every genre in history has a shot at this competition.

No poems, non-fiction or tales that contain unnecessary sexual intercourse or force. Here are some hints you should consider when you write for this competition: Imagine and create interesting and inventive tales that I probably have never seen before. With good use, humor should complete an outstanding story.

That story is the beef. A story that is more than 2,500 words long (including the title) will be discarded. In case the registration fees are not payed, the entered story will be refused. In the event that an item receives minus 3 points or more, it will be ineligible.

The To Hull & Back Short Story anthology features some of the winners so far. Every volume contains all the histories and histories that have been composed by the judge so that you can clearly see which styles they prefer. Authors who take the initiative to do so have a better opportunity to submit a work.

Whoever has the highest score wins. Each story must be inventive, fictitious and complete. The submission of a story to the competition guarantees the writer that it is an inventive, fictitious and completely unique story. Authors guarantee that the story they submit does not violate any copyrights or other third parties' copyrights and is not slanderous, illegal or slanderous to any live individual or entity.

Every story contained in the manuscript is prepared for publishing in a uniform, highly technical form. Every participant will be added to my e-mail address so that he/she is informed about the competition novelties. However, even well-known, well-known and well-known authors are cordially invited to take part in this competition. There' s an entrance charge, but this competition is not winning at the moment.

The To Hull And Back is run mainly for the sake of short story literacy. Hopefully the charge will include the price funds, the costs of the production of the publication, the costs of the premiere of the publication and the costs of transporting the winning publication to Hull and back.

When I succeed in raising more funds from the starting fee than expected, the additional funds will be used for the next competition to raise the price. My long-term goal is to provide a five-figure first-place. I will do everything I can to publish the manuscript and get as much attention as possible for the authors and the tales.

When this contest isn't for you, there are more you might be interested in on my short story contest page. Only a short comment about the good supplier of the motorcycle, which I drive and which is quite strongly included in the competitive price. At the opening contest, I sent a letter to her and said:

I' m running a short story competition with a sense of humour that offers the most astonishing price in the well-known macro cosmos. A short story ethnology with the best tales from the competition has the winner's face on the album. It is then straped and shot on my bicycle and cycled from Bristol in the UK (where I live) to Hull.

There is an stopover in Hull where some beers are eaten and then some rest is had, but it is a 454 mil round journey of joyful Cruising Comforts. And I think this also shows that I can say that the competition was authorised by Harley Davidson. When you want to smile, why not buy the latest To Hull And Back artwork.

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