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I' ve been looking around the Internet for agents and publishers who accept short story collections. Entry guidelines | Renée Zuckerbrot Frahlingur Frahlingur Renée Zuckerbrot is looking for authors with a singular voic. Enquiries from authors, both current and aspiring, are welcome. Renée's portfolio comprises literature and business literature for adults as well as nonfiction with a special emphasis on scholarship, historical and pop music. Please contact us for a collection of shorts.

Frahlingur Renée Zuckerbrot only receives enquiries by e-mail. Include an extract, up to three example sections, as one Word file. It should be paged and double-line, and for books the extract should be the first three sections.

FRANHELLINGIN: Janet Reid: Talking of Kurzgeschichten

a few queries about the retrieval and publication of shorts. "When you are writing shorts, you must have six to ten in your pocket, and they should have been posted in magazines before you ask", that's interesting. Same for non-fiction? "First of all, my interest is aroused by the fact that you even suggest that agent shorts might be aired.

I am currently working on some shortfilms to get a publishing loan, as well as a professionally validated (and sweets money). You seem to be opening up the opportunity that if these histories are good enough, I could ask for an autobiograph? The number of excerpts, no manuscripts. A group of anthologies are by DIFFERENT authors.

This is because the editors you (or the agent) suggest know the differences and you don't want to know what you don't have. To publish a compilation of pre-Novel shorts in any kind of categories would be exceedingly uncommon.

It' a rarity, but not so rarity in literature. It is also interesting for me that a collection of shorts are more saleable if they have already been released. Jeann Shepherd had at least two novels of shortshorts that had been released elsewhere (but I hadn't seen anywhere else).

Prolific authors get a whole hell of a deal more cash thanewbs. There' also a tacky little thing named publisher's property. I' had an announcement from Shortlist America. They got my publication privileges for their whole lives for the hefty $50 charge. When you are selling a comic and the agreement, they are offering the permissions on a permanent basis, DO NOT UNITE.

Whenever I check a treaty for a writer (it contains this term!), I make sure that the volume of the licence is clear: how long the magazine can release this exclusive and when this exclusiveness ends. It' impererative that you do this if you want a careers, because if you carelessly bind your prerogatives, you can face a heavy fine.

It' a little storyline. Had the publishers of this tale adhered to the movie copyrights (as some stories try to do), it would have wiped out the devastation of the movie deals. Plus, movie agreements licence-charusters. When you have a storyline with a person you want to use on the street, you certainly don't want to bind the movie to that person with the Feed and Bleed Gazette.

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