Short Story about Money

A short story about money

It' an inspiring story, but the message is for parents. Kurzgeschichten " Money can't buy everything. Long, long ago, gold and silver coins were not used for money. Cash, money and more money. Financial stories are interwoven throughout human history.

You can' t buy everything

ick was a 10-year-old kid. Nick's dad was a very preoccupied business man who couldn't afford to waste much quality free lÄrden' money with his second. Then he came home after Nick had gone to sleep and went to the workroom before Nick awoke. ick was yearning for his father's attentions. And he wanted to go outside and have a game with his dad, just like his mates.

Nick was amazed to see his dad home one night. "Dad, it's a big shock to see you home," said Nick. I have to make a plane ride after two hours," his dad answered. Nick's dad was confused. and came down with his cash box containing his life insurance.

Nick's dad was dumbfounded! You can' t buy everything!

These are two short stories I learnt about money as a kid.

Shorts..... as short as possible. As a small child with a newspaper itinerary, I was saving all my money to buy candies. They said / made me give the money to my dad to keep in a banking accounts because they were worried that I would loose it when I was 7 years old, or that I would somehow transfer it.

As it was my turn to ask about the money I had been saving on my father's behalf on a piece of cardboard, I had the impression that not everything had been given to me, because he had taken some kind of reduction in my income to repay himself for my upbringing.

I didn't get everything I had to. I never gave my money to my dad again. Sure, my dad was a con man and he probably took $20-$50 out of my savings from my stationery path to pay for trivialities like my nutrition and so on, but it was my failure (though I didn't know it) for giving my money over to him in the first place.

As I began to manage my own money myself, I recall traveling and having a wallet full of money and money. So I went to the toilet and came back to the van..... just to find out that my wallet was gone. When I was in town all morning weeping, looking for and completely angry that I had dropped my wallet (it was maybe $100), we were on our way home and I had no money left to buy it, whereupon my dad made the wallet and said to me that he "found" it in the azure.

but I didn't want to dump it or loose it, so I thought it was secure in the van. I always wanted you to know where your money was. Use the 30 seconds to diligently counter that the modification is accurate and put your money away.

I' ve learnt a great many more things about what NOT to do with my money and how to handle it from my folks, and how to handle kids than I've ever learnt what to do. It was my mother who said it the other day: Instruct him to learn everything you know about money, so that he can learn all the good things I have never done for you.

So we' re getting Baby Bun to cut his money on his RESP, and I'm gonna keep a close eye on the progression of his earnings for him until he can do it alone with our help.

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