Short Stories Written by Children

Stories written by children

A large online library of children's stories with monthly features and additions. Stories are written simply and effectively. Written for children, these short stories follow a single story that takes place in a relatively short time. More than twenty short stories by children in Spanish with audio, video and similar quiz questions with answers! Poets write stories in the barn - Poems - Succulent.

Children's book written by a 6-year-old

We' re optimistic that Alexis will complete her stories and publish them in February, but Toys' temptations may be a little too great if they're not done by February, we're sure the volume will be done in March. We' re providing you with an e-book with 60 short stories, these are great bedtime stories that you can tell your children as they were written by a 6-year-old.

Every tale will make your hearts beat faster and you and your kid can start reading together.

The short story week of the 2015 Young Writers' Contest - The Promise | Children's Literature

I' m standing over him, the blade is ready to shoot. Taking my gun in one of my hands, I put it on the floor with the other, my eye fixed on his once beautiful face. He' s my captive; I won't allow him to avoid the destiny he unwittingly explained for himself when he cuts a mark so far into my chest that it would never be healed.

All that kept me going was my constant desire for vengeance, which turned my soul into rock and turned me into something inhuman. Rage waves like fire through my skull at the ring of my old pets name, ignites my pulse and flows down to my finger tips.

I' m holding the razor tighter and the little paint in Philip's face goes away. Each and every one of the nerves in my system is exploding with rage and adrenalin. Revenge is so unbearable now. I see my mirror image in the raw edge of the razor. When I am drawn back to the days of her assassination, I immediately think of my mum.

When I woke up from my slumber at my mother's penetrating cries. I' ve never before in my whole lifetime had real anxiety, I never had a cause to be scared, but to hear her speech hit my intestines. All of a sudden I came to my senses and immediately jumped out of my confinement and ran into my mother's room.

Then he squatted next to her flaccid torso and grabbed a bloodied blade. It'?s my mother's lifeblood. This was the only thing we had to remember him after he had vanished from our life forever, the only real sweetheart we would ever have. It seemed that all my feelings had gone and replaced my whole being with a monotone void.

There was a young woman my own size who was no match for a man with a blade, but if I cried for help now, I'm sure someone would heary. I shouted that I should leave, allow him to flee, otherwise I would certainly suffer the same destiny as my mum.

I was horrified, for the face under the scarf was Philip, my love of my youth. He had regrets in Philip's vote, but obviously he had no words to explain what he had done. Hesitant, but then withdrew from the room as I sank to my mother's knee next to her then.

Amber' s The Promise and other stories will be released along with 30 other acclaimed short stories from the National Short Story Week Young Writer Contest. These young authors in this book are not shy of addressing complex issues and issues, and their stories deal with ethical predicaments, terror, betrayal as well as conflict.

Learn how to participate in this year's National Short Story Week! Subscribe to the children's book page and submit yourcribblings!

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