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Is a site like Tumblr or Blogger good for story publishing? Which sites have a good community around them to post stories? Someone else will publish it for you, e.g. an ezine editor.

It'?s a very different way of doing short stories. To publish and share short stories you have written.

Fourteen free platforms to publish your short stories online - Epic Brand Storytelling

I have talked a great deal over the last few months about short storytelling because I believe in the many advantages it offers. This is all good, except where do you divide your short stories on-line? Are you looking for a forum and public to present your abilities? Luckily for you, there are many places where you can publish your short stories on-line.

Let me talk about your blog/website before we enter these free portals where you can publish your short stories on-line. This is not on the shortlist, because although I suggest that you publish as much as possible on your own blogs, unless you have a large public, it is hard to expand your reading public without ever getting out of your own home.

That' s why these free platforms are ideal for exchanging your short stories on-line, as they each have an established public for you. In this sense we look at the 14 free platforms on which you can publish your short stories online: With 40 million stories and 25 million watt paddles, this is one of the biggest places to split your short stories on-line.

Favoured by the younger generation, this is an excellent place for all young adults and New Adult authors. There are quite a few OMG's and LOL's, so not perfect for everyone, but there is no denial of the close fellowship that has evolved over the years. Once you post your short stories on line, they turn into slender miracles that attract the eye.

One more slim and sexier podium, Media is one of the most favorite places to type on the web right now. Though it' s meant for fast and straightforward blog posts, I've used media to create a few short stories for you to read on-line, and I really like how it is. Since the aim of media is fast and easily digested contents, I believe it is perfect for your short stories - as long as you don't care to give them away for free.

It' s visually appealing yet small, full of great details, but at the same paired with only those you need, and has an ever-growing readership interested in both literature and non-fiction. That means you can serialize your letter or book a specific space only for your short stories on-line. Though I feel that this fellowship has many more authors than just a readership, it provides an astonishing forum for gathering feedbacks, meeting like-minded people and perfecting your work.

If this is about your short stories, maybe that's what you're looking for. If you want to share your short stories on-line, this can be perfect, as you' re in for your comments, review ing and editorial. Fiction Press is another somewhat obsolete plattform that provides a framework for almost every kind of music.

There are also some powerful local community and forum sites, so it could be an excellent place to post your short stories to. But it looks like a sound place to get more feedbacks from other authors and avid people. The same people on Fiction Press, FanFiction.

But as the name implies, the goal here is to divide your fan fiction. It' a game I never dared to enter, but I know how much fan fiction is and how many stories start with it. If you want to publish your short stories on-line, there is no better place to do it, especially if you want to shoot your favorite novels and movies yourself.

It all revolves around your short stories, and when it comes to dividing your short stories on-line, this makes sence. It is very picturesque and sweet, with the possibility to turn your short stories into audio books. There are many functions for reader and author, although it is a rather small one.

I would say that if you would like to publish a few short stories on-line, this is a good first. Barnes and Noble, Apple and Scribd, to name but a few. Smashwords is your pal if you want to split your short stories as many places as possible without having to do everything yourself.

It' great, and it's what I use to make sure my own short stories stay FREE in the long run. They can' publish short stories on Twitter! Although Twitter is still the main platform for pictures of your lunches, there are people who seriously create short stories and make them out about it.

And David Mitchell publishing his own short storyline through these mini-snippets. While you can use Twitter to divide your short stories on-line, you may have to divide them into many sections. Do you know that you can post current Goodreads' novels and short stories? Whether you are uploading and sharing your short stories completely on-line or posting them in your blog posts every week, Goodreads is a great place to do so.

Bearing in mind that this is a place where the reader flocks and that there are many groups to connect and interactively connect with, it could be that short story telling about good reads has a head start over the pack. What is more, there are many groups to connect and interactively do. Like Twitter, it's all about looking beyond one's own nose. If you have a new Facebook message, I'll split it with you.

Others like James Altucher and Srinivas Rao have done the same, and whether it's a short novel, an excerpt from a textbook, or a coarse sketch of something you're working on, it gives your fans and buddies a good excuse to interoperate with you. Simply make sure they read your words and fall in love with what you have created.

Someone that comes to my head is Nick Miller, who has established a huge fan base on Tumblr after having shared his words and stories. When everyone else has shared images and great video, instead post a few short stories. There, you have it, 14 free platforms to post your short stories on-line..... TODAY! Short-stories are a great way to let your imaginative juice flow, and whether they are part of a bigger work or just an idea you want to pass on to the rest of the know.

Sharing your short stories on-line, you can immediately collect your comments and reader. Follow some short stories. Mr President, I would like to thank you for your contribution and I would like to listen to your thoughts. I would like to receive a note on Twiter or Facebook and let me know what you think of the 14 above mentioned platform.

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