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Writing short stories

A story's climax is decisive in both long and short fiction. Especially in short stories, the climax helps to give the story meaning and form - a novel can meander more. A lot of short story writers have opted for a "Twist in the Tale" degree (the American short story writer O. Henry is famous for it).

Don't try to write short stories that are alive.

Recently published the short stories library Not So Much, Said the Cat, the writer has won the World fantasy Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Award and is the only individual to have won five Hugo Awards in six years.

Many of Swanwick's contemporaries have been forced by this shortage of payment to forego short feature films, a fact that worries him most. Some years ago, he talked to a colleague who remembered the few dates on which he wrote a short and painstakingly short film, complaining that he could no longer do so.

Hear our full Michael Swanwick in Episode 222 of Geek's Guide to the Galaxy (above). Comments by Michael Swanwick on Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois: Michaƫ Swanwick on extraterrestrial economics: Micheal Swanwick on literature:

What is the best way to write a short story with clarity and efficiency?

When' s the last occasion you began to read a tale, didn't get baffled by what was going on, and did you restart it? Don't introduce yourself to anyone who likes your work and understands what you are trying to do.

Think of the most eagerly awaited individual you know, whose attentiveness is difficult to keep, the one who says, spew it out or get to the point when you try to tell anecdote. This is your perfect readership.

Compassionate writing for each of your personalities is another way to make your storyline interesting to your readers. It is a place full of good folks and idiots, generously sized folks and egotistical boobies, good Samaritan and villain, and here is the keys to unlock them all: Challenging individuals don't see themselves as challenging.

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