Short Stories for Beginners

Stories for beginners

It works better when you read better stories. I' m talking about award-winning short stories told in a language that is easy for beginners to understand. Short Italian stories for beginners (paperback). It is good for students who want to learn about time and German. For more information click here.

for beginners 5 German short stories

I have many opportunities to study or give lessons in English, but my favourite way is to tell stories! There are a number of good reason why story-based teaching is so efficient, but the best part is: because it's great and enjoyable! Studying a foreign tongue can become a tiresome duty, so anything that distracts you from the fight and keeps you busy at the same time is sent from heaven.

In contrast to the everyday routine of deliberate exertion by giving up our consciousness of the fact that we are studying a different country (which is scary!), we can avoid psychological blockages and make the learner's new words so much more effective and pleasant. Do you ever have the impression of being so absorbed in a novel or history that you have forgotten everything around you?

There is only one catch: you have to find a history that is both easy enough to understand, i.e. suitable for your present levels, and interesting enough to keep you running. It is often simpler said than done to find a history that fulfils both criterions, especially for beginners.

The initial concept of many is to look at children's textbooks, another point of departure may be a text written in a specific simplistic English language but there is a good chance that grown-up pupils will find these lyrics dull. That' s why I have put together some short stories in this section that are not only useful for beginners and advanced readers, but also very well read.

The majority of these short stories were created in the post-war period, because after the terrors of the Second World War many writers felt that their languages as well as their homelands urgently needed a new beginning and had to be liberated from the remains of their pathology and ideas. To put it plainly, they said it in plain words.

That makes these short stories an outstanding opportunity to practise your language. While these short stories are more readily available for literature, they are not for students, and if you are looking for English text with a led vocabulary, i.e. English text, word translation, exercise, etc., please refer to our reading room or jump to the end of this section.

It is about a young man who died in a bomb attack and thus abandoned his home and home. With a leftover watch he recalls his mother's caring and sees his missing home as a blessed state. "The" is probably Wolfgang Borchert's best-known short novel and is often read in Germany's primary and secondary school in order to familiarize the pupils with the idea of rubble literature.

Please click here (PDF) or here (HTML) to view the short film. Updated: Here is another PDF version of this history, including tutorials. Please click here for an German version of this tale. A quizlet to help you learn new words and practise words in this game. This is the history of Heinrich Böll, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, in which a fisher and a visitor share their experiences of work.

In the midst of the 1963 Wirtschaftswunder, this short history questions the new wealth, but its contents are more up-to-date and ageless than ever. Click here to view the full history. Have a look at an original version of this tale here (PDF) or here (HTML) an animation clip of our movie about Wattenichsachs or an audio-reading session (starts at 0:30 o'clock):

The 1958 short film is about a man who goes to an audition and gets caught up in the gears of red tape. Click here to view the full history. German version of this short novel not available. Rather a subterfuge than a short novel, this is about a man who, because of his looks, seems to feel isolated from the community and tries to persuade others to embrace him on a walk through a town.

Click here to view the full history. Translated version of this history not available. Wolfdietrich Schnurre's short film, made between 1945 and 1948, deals with a background of a small country refuge. Please click here to view the history of Germany. Translated into and out of this short film. This PDF contains 16 articles (including some of the above) if you are looking for more newcomers.

If these lyrics are still too complicated, you can also have a look at my books Cafe in Berlin (Kindle / iBooks / ePUB), which is a compilation of very short stories for beginners in English and is backed by an advanced lexicon and FAQ. It is conceived as a springboard for studying Germany with genuine books.

What short stories do you think are good for beginners?

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