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Brief Stories Examples Creative Writing

Children often complain in creative writing classes that they can't think of anything to write with. A very practical example. It's one of many I want to publish in a short story novel. Writing creatively is the imaginative writing about events. Fiction, plays, short stories and poems are some examples of creative writing.

Lettering and creativity

I was hit on the shoulder by the ripples on the side of the small wood-body. Again I gazed in despair in the hope that there might be an isle to which I could flee. So I crouched under the little bank in the ship in the hope that this would stop the deadly beams of the sundown.

I was overcome by the swing of the ship and the abrupt surge of d├ętente and I felt myself slip intosensibility. It all seemed super-real and when I crossed the side of the ship, I knew I would be rescued. There was an island in front of me; she was seated in the midst of the sea as if she waited for me to come to her.

Had more paddling and paddling in the hope that this could be my way out of the deadly mud. Ahead of me I saw harsh, razorsh cliffs and knew that the ship would most likely fall if I brought it nearer, so I leapt over the ledge and floated to the place where I might be rescued.

The landscape was wonderful when I got to the isle. Palms rocking in the wind, the waters glistening in the hot summer lightning, and the sound of alien bird life echoing in my ear. Smile about the thought of survival and hopefully to live on this ideal isle. My inner being became deaf from the immediate threat I was in.

My hand was in devotion and I began to withdraw from the danger and tried not to frighten her any more. Suddenly I felt the strong breeze that swept through my face through the quick javelin. I was getting deaf from the burn ings they received, but I tossed myself into the crystalline seawater and dodged into the rocks and dodged the darts that shot at me.

My eyeballs opened and the salts in the waters were burning, but I had to know where I was going. Suddenly I saw the darts sliding around my face into the sea. Eventually I saw the weak form of the small boot and stepped over. As I drew onto the ship, I gazed back at the isle.

The whole town of the men on the shore still firing their darts at me, in the hope that they might be fortunate enough to shoot me. It made me feel much better because I knew I would be safer on my old-timers.

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