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A prize-winning short story of Aesop's fables, Arab nights, bedtime stories, Bible stories, fairy tales, inspiration stories, moral stories, etc. For fans of short feature films, the coming weeks will be unusually busy. the tsr short feature competition. Those true stories come from various sources. Short stories from all over the world.

Like the other list pages, this is not the final list of the best short stories of all time.

75- The storylets

When you' re done picking up Dick' s "side blow," you' re in a fix! "It is only an opportunity for Maine (the girl) to get out and rescue the family! Narcissus' famous history, but from the point of views of the swimming pools. "is the clear ethical impetus in this story."

Unexpectedly, as the name suggests, O. Henry provides a tale about a delay ing in finding a cure for a patient history of coughing - two, indeed. "This is a report on how a man has really become unbalanced. Leacock has only one possible reason why this invention was a failure. A steamer behind a barnyard would extinguish this tale and plunge into desperation.

Isn' t this a tale about two chivalrous men struggling for the hands of a pretty one? "When I see a gorgeous, good-natured young woman who' s wedded to a vicious man's blank, what a shame that she has to spend so much on a pipe! "I think I'm going to go with my boyfriend Paul to a room around the corner.

" It is almost like a Kafka-like "Where is Waldo? "Living is a kind of check ers in which we often have points to win and rivals to fight with, and in which there is a wide range of good and bad incidents that are to some extent the consequences of caution or lack of it.

Fame, charity, wealth, pleasure or even deaths? Allow this to be a lecture to prevent long farewells, as if your lives depended on it! Franklin is reminding us to live our lives in a wise way. Will you believe that it is the most powerful thing in the world - more powerful than hatred, more powerful than harm, more powerful than doom?

The story is about a sympathetic young lady who is teaching a female the distinction between giving and thieving. "Central New York is neither a place of danger nor is one to stay in, " but this man was certainly stunned by his experiences there. Minokichi, the lady in WeiƟ, said what would become of Minokichi if she ever revealed her secrets.....

"the whole existence of this earth sometimes hovers in a mortal face in my head. "This is the tale of a man who "travelled out of real estate in search of places where the worlds' visions had fled". An heart-warming tale about an oat flake procession and "angel children" helping a needy childhood.

This is a tale about how a fake kisses is just the thing to get a youngster to do. Oh, Gladys, who do you want to like with these 467 pages? An affectionate tale about the last big whitey slugs that were considered to have died out. A rising writer is telling the tale of India as a place of lost and loved.

A touching narrative of a despairing young woman who ends up being consoled by hot recollections. "This is a tragic storyline about a man and a hound being faced with a serpent. After his indiscretions hit his mate? Or is it the other way round?

He had escaped to Honduras after being accused of misappropriation, surrendered, spent five years in state penitentiary and then released this film. "A little six-year-old woman in a rose dress with a red cap and new sneakers.

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