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Each month, The Long Story, Short literary journal publishes a short story that prefers stories that take their time. Now the short story contest is closed. Extensive online library of short stories with monthly features and additions. This said, I present some Fredric Brown short stories in their entirety. Newest tweets from Short Stories Aloud (@StoriesAloud).

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Once there was a man who thought, one time, on a larch while looking at a larch - he looked out the windows and there it was, a well-built larch with a messy ghost and a messy lips - that maybe he should make some very short stories and release them in a country that was very far away from his own country, California, which had a ridiculous man as its boss.

Cause all North American cubs don't like EM Forsters. Why? Suddenly, at lunchtime, she heard of a terrible kind of treason, and at 4:30 a.m. she lowered a dumbbell onto her heels. Notices from America: Feces were elected the most beloved new tenure of 2005.

Alexander Epstein - 4 short stories

There was a girl who didn't give birth but to a pretty little Christmas table. There was a smaller one inside the wood and another inside with branches and feet and a little bit of hearts, although she didn't know that for sure (and perhaps only dreamed), and she was embarrassed by the fruits of her body and placed them in the middle of a forrest.

In those times the Emperor commanded all his men to draw the most splendid card of the world. Now that the card of the neighbouring empire from the east disrupted the constellation, he said, you have your way with its boundaries. Friends of the neighbouring empire quickly reported this action to their emperor.

Thereupon he also ordered his artists to make a card of his realm. As the first king heard that the eastern king was mimicking him, he assembled some of his abstracts and ordered them clandestinely to sketch another card, this one of the neighbouring empire. In the other kingdoms, too, abstraction was custom.

I think most of our clients know that we' re just talking about a transition period. You walk down the road when you sense a rock in your boot. On the next morning you will sense a stone in your other boot.

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