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We help you to draw up a plan quickly. Shakespeare's As You Like It: This is a short summary of As You Like It:. There are three parts to the story. This is a short summary of Kate Chopin's The Story of an Hour.

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Would you like to quickly create an individual short film? Select a stylistic, opening and way of completion, name your personality, select a few words and we will create a storyline for you. Is your main actor Stuck for a name? Test our charactername generator. So what does the second person want from the main characters?

What does the second person think about the main characters? What did the main actor think about the place?

The GCSE bite size: Fundamental history

Romeo (a boy) and Juliet (a girl) falls in romance. Then Juliet is said she has to get marrie to Paris, selected by her folks who don't know she's already marrie. In refusing to do so, she consents because she is planning to pretend she is dead and flee to be with Romeo.

She' s taking a nightcap and seems like she' s gone, so her folks put her in a ditch. But Romeo knows nothing of the plot, goes to her funeral, finds her "dead" and commits suicide. So Juliet awakes, finds Romeo gone and then commits suicide. That' s just the fundamental history.

But don't be trapped in telling the tale anew in your work. There is no GCSE assignment that will ask you to make the Romeo and Juliet history, and no markers will ask you to sketch only the fragment. Instead, use the action to help your work and your idea.

Nude I - Romeo and Juliet get together for the first confrontation, they immediately feel drawn to each other.

CBC - Standard Grade Bitesize English

They are at the centre of the history. You have to appear realistic (you should take charge of your characters) and the plot of the storyline should tell something about them (their evolution, a slump or turn in their life, etc.). Don't tell your audiences about the personality, but show them the personality through action, gesture and dialog.

Things of importance have to be done in a short storyline, but it's usually a good thing not to have too many plot incidents. An important incident need not be particularly tragic, uncommon or brutal. There is no need for the incident itself to be tragic. is where and when your history happens.

It' simpler for most folks to take history to a place they know.

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