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View the lobster and other essays (hardcover) short takes: Short encounters with contemporary non-fiction (paperback) Stupid novels by Lady Novelists (paperback) Bad Feminist (paperback) Daily Rituals: But, to tell you the truth, I like the "self-help" and "to-do" books because they are much more practical. In essence, Montaigne invented the literary form of the essay, a short subjective. Our Reading Adventure Packs promote hands-on fun and learning around paired fiction and non-fiction.

Fifty short books for the high-employed

These are the books, short histories and non-fiction that are perfect for your work. But what if we give Frank Zappa's quotation "so many books, so little time" a more affirmative mean? A lot of great books are short enough to take little in the way of completion.

Below is a listing of 50 books we found most interesting. They' re less than 200 pages, so you should be able to complete each and every one in a few short time. Many people think that a short novel is not a novel. Now, that's it, as long as it's published as a seperate work.

Don't evaluate a textbook by its length. Short doesn't mean less. Every one of the books you are reading (because you have enough time) is better than a non-reading one ( "because it is so long that you think you can never end it"). We have produced a picture material for each of the books, which contains the number of pages (the points showing how it is compared with the 200-page reference) and the amount of elapsed reading it.

Obviously, the scanning is an estimate. We use the 300 words per second and 250 as the mean number of words per page for the render. It should take an HR lesson for a readership to complete a 72-page or less work. We have gathered such short readings in the 24 books that can be found in less than an hours work.

It is an electronical file that allows the publication of short histories as independent books, not only in a collection. That is why large e-bookstores see a great deal of untapped in short books, and dedicated specific chapters to promoting new titles: Childle Singles - the books are chosen by Amazon editorial staff. Here you will find not only short novels and short histories, but also non-fiction books.

Childle Short Less ons - Amazon calls them "great tales in one session". Books are grouped by read time: from 15 minutes to 2 hours. The Kobo Exclusive Shorts - Kobo's idea to take advantage of the revitalization of the short version of literacy. Do you want to include a textbook in this list?

Warfare is a textbook published in China in spring and autumn (770-476 B.C.). Usually a high-ranking general, strategy and philosophy expert Sun Tzu is described as the writer of the novel, although many scholars have doubts that this figure has ever been there. It became a bestselling publication in the early 2000s when it was discovered that many of his theory was unexpectedly pertinent to the fields of medicine, business and economics.

Approximate study time: 52 min. Virginia Woolf's classical non-fiction and one of the most important feministic lyrics. Approximate scanning time: 123 mins. This is a classical pre-scriptive US writer's guidebook, authored by Cornell University Prof. William Strunk and first released in 1919. We' re going to have a look at the intro to the first issue:

The aim of this volume is to convey the most important demands of the simple British language in a short while. Approximate harvest time: Playing for 43 min. An incomparable glimpse into the vivid hearts of haircu, how haircu works and what they think, and how to look through and into their pictures to find a full manifestation of mortal lives and perception, sometimes deep, sometimes gameful.

Approximate read time: 24 min. is a businessman and marketer who writes almost twenty books. The Poke the Box is a small but inspiring little novel for anyone who has something to do for the first to do. Approximate read time: 79 min. This short but inspiring Sean Patrick will show you why fantasy is so important to awaken your inner wiz.

Approximate read time: Thirty eight mins. Approximate read time: 122 mins. New York Times employee Elizabeth Kaye unveils the unusual, little-known tale behind one of the first life boats to have left the Titanic. Approximate read time: 56 mins. One of Henry Hazlitt's bestsellers is the quickest way to understanding the fundamentals of economy.

It is as up-to-date today as it was when it was first published in 1946. Approximate read time: 182 mins. A young Austin, Texas-based author and performer, Austin Kleon has written a very inspiring and enjoyable guide to finding out more. Approximate read time: 133 mins. Approximate read time: 132 mins.

J.K. Rowling's celebrated Harvard University address has now been released as a work. Part of the profits from the books will go to a charitable organisation that is changing the life of deprived people. Approximate read time: 67 mins. You only need 10 min a fortnight. It provides a step-by-step schedule for you to sort, rinse and organize any room in your home in small, easy-to-manage windows of opportunity.

Approximate read time: 133 mins. This is a compilation of articles and articles by the writer of Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand. It deals with moral and philosophical issues, such as the assessment of selfishness as a rationale ethic codex and the destructive power of altruism. It became one of Rand's most beloved non-fiction books and sold over 1.

Approximate read time: 150 min. The TED Books range tells Ron Gutman why smiles are at the heart of what makes us people. Approximate read time: 40- minute Brave New World wrote a 1954 volume describing his experience with mescalin, the main component of the psychodelic prickly pears.

Approximate read time: 83 min. Thoughts about the use of weapons in America are set by Stephen King in this single version of Kindle. STREPHEN KING says about the book: Approximate read time: 21 min. It has over a million fans, and the work was a logical continuation. Approximate read time: 145 mins.

This is a short history by Ernest Hemingway after his return from a 1932 Kenya tour. History is considered one of his greatest works. It revolves around one of the distinctive topics of Hemingway's writing - how a man acts in the face of dread. Approximate read time: 22 mins.

It is one of the classical short mystery tales by Agatha Christie, the champion of investigative literature. The 1942 first released tale follows an older maiden and ham investigator Jane Marple, known from Christie's twelve mystery books. Approximate read time: Approximately 33 mins. This is a compilation of short films by J.D. Salinger, the writer of The Catcher in the Rye.

Here you will find Salinger's most popular short novel, A Perfect Day for Bananafish, about a young pair, Muriel and Seymour Glass, who are on holiday in Florida. Approximate read time: 165 mins. It' one of the best short films by Stephen King. Approximate read time: 58 mins. Brokeback Mountain is considered by many to be a true work of art and one of the most inventive short storytellers in the world.

Approximate read time: 53 mins. One of the most popular short novels by Franz Kafka is in the penal colony. Like in many other works, Kafka is concerned with punishment, torture and executions. Approximate read time: Windsurfing 45 min. The short storyline is one of Philip K. Dick's most convincing works.

Posted during the period of the Soviet Union and released in 1953, it plays after the atomic conflict between the Soviet Union and the West. Approximate read time: 40 min. Edgar Allan Poe's strange short history was released in 1842 and is an allegory of the unavoidability of life. Approximate read time:

40- minute Jim Shepard in Safety Tips for Living Alone is telling the tale of four homes whose deaths have been overthrown when the men work on a hazardous and insulated observation deck off the Long Island coastline. The short is part of the Electric Literature's Required Reading serie and was released on Amazon as a childle single.

Approximate read time: 23 min. An enthralling and brillantly composed novel by Jodi Picoult, which takes place in the wilderness of Africa. This is Alice, the figure in the centre of Picoult's novel Lettingime. Approximate read time: 65 min. Gabriel García Márquez's tale will please those who love magical realistic.

This is the tale of a pair finding an old man in bad condition and with enormous leaves in their farm. It was first released in 1955. Approximate read time: 27 min. This is a compilation of short novels by James Joyce on the early twentieth cent. lif. of the lrish population.

Each story shares a shared storytelling feature, the epipany, in which the character experiences a life-changing enlightenment or a moments of reality. Fifteen histories in the compilation, in chronological order. We' ll start with juvenile tales in "The Sisters". The next tales are about the lifes of older and older humans up to "The Dead".

Approximate read time: 108 mins. A 60-piece compilation of works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous mystery novelist. In addition to four full length books (A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of the Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Valley of Fear), you will find fifty-six short books and additional materials (reading guides, audioguides and more).

Approximate read time: 170 min. An exhilarating, funny compilation of short novels and poetry by celebrated Margaret Atwood. Featuring an extensive set of fictitious essay or mini-fiction, the volume contains the author's own playing-fiction. Approximate read time: 148 mins. This is a compilation of six short novels by the famous Japonese writer Haruki Murakami.

Tales were published in Kobe between 1999 and 2000 in reaction to the 1995 quake. Every storyline shows different types of character affected by the seism. It is part of Murakami's efforts to explore the nation's consciousness. Approximate read time: 135 mins.

In 1944 Orwell ended the work, but it was turned down by several publishing houses. Approximate read time: 130 min. The 1988 edition depicts the changes in the fortunate lives of Harriet and David Lovatt following the arrival of their fifth baby, Ben. Approximate read time: 122 mins.

A short novel by Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison, it is a thrilling tale between two close acquaintances, Sul and Nel. Approximate read time: 162 mins. This is a short novel by Jane Austen, which has an extraordinary shape. It is a serial of epistles to and from the protagonist, widow Susan Vernon, who is looking for a husband for herself and her newborn.

Approximate read time: 53 mins. This is one of the most popular tales in English language writing. She also combined the Christmas period with pictures of lights, happiness, magic as well as warmness. In the foreword to the first issue, which appeared in December 1843, Charles Dickens wrote: In this spooky little volume I have tried to awaken the spirit of an idea that my reader should not bring out of humor with himself, with each other, with the seasons or with me.

Approximate read time: 57 min. This is one of the most popular books by Robert Louis Stevenson describing the fight between two conflicting people. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was first released in 1886 and became an immediate hit. Approximate read time: 53 mins. Approximate read time: 138 mins. This is one of the most renowned works by Ernest Hemingway, telling the tale of a fight between an expert Cuba fishermen, Santiago, and a huge one.

The Old Man and The Sea was launched in 1952 and is Hemingway's last great fictional work in his life. In 1954, the novel was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Approximate read time: 107 mins. It poses important issues about the colonialist and racist system.

Approximate read time: 97 mins. Awakening was the second and last novel by Kate Chopin, which appeared in 1899. It is the period in which it begins to fight for its autonomy and self-realization. When it was first released, the text encountered diverse responses, mainly due to the depiction of views that were directed against establishing sexes.

Approximate read time: 143 mins. This 1958 anthology by Chinua Achebe is widely regarded as the archetypical contemporary novel from Africa, transforming both Africa and the underworld. Approximate read time: 147 mins. This is a moving tale of John Steinbeck's own experiences of the complicated connection between two migrants during the Great Depression.

Approximate read time: 87 mins. Posted by an 18-year-old Françoise Sagan, this short novel became a best-seller over night after it was released in 1954. Hello Sadness is a wonderfully crafted tale about a teenager's attempt to grasp and master the worlds around her. Approximate read time: 133 mins.

Approximate read time: 133 mins. Approximate read time: 133 mins. A novel for fans of the Swede investigator Kurt Wallander - An autumn incident is a novel that was first released in 2014. Approximate read time: 148 mins. Der Fremde is a short novel by a champion of absurdity and existence, Albert Camus.

Approximate read time: 122 mins. Buchcover-Pictures about Amazon, Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, Internet archive.

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