Short Narrative example

Brief narrative example

These are some examples of a narrative paragraph: That was the beginning of the worst day of my life in the short seventeen years of my life. Telling is writing that tells a story. Note: DO NOT use the exact sentences or phrases that occur in this example. Consider, for example, writing a description of a coast.


I' ve only wept badly twice in my life: once when my old friend abandoned me and once when my kitten crippled. The mop got ill just after the birth. Eating and drinking very little, she spends most of her days on the ground and stares into orbit.

Thought about taking her to the veterinarian, but I didn't want to waste all the cash and I was hoping that someday she would be fine on her own. And I felt my heartbreak and wept for ten mins. but I do recall that we were spending a great deal of our spare minute together after finishing primary and secondary education.

There was an avalanche last weekend when we were at our elementary camp. Back then we were in our fifth story class room, so we felt it very strongly. At the age of two, my bride came back from a stroll with my youngest son. I have a Taiwanese mother who doesn't speak much English.

And one of them went to my missus when she came back from her stroll. On their arrival, I was asked by the custom officials if the three kids were ours, where we were going and how much cash we were taking. and we returned to Taiwan.

We' d given most of our remaining Canada cash to my folks, so I said to the custom officials that we had very little, just a fewdollar. When I said we had some new Thai Dollar with us, he said very strictly that he was an authorised custom broker and we better be honest with him.

And I told him I thought he was talking about cancer funds. So he answered rather impolitely that he only said cash, never cancerous cash. However, it worried us that the baby would come two month earlier than just one. This was when I got a greater feeling for the excitement, frustration and sadness that the very brief life of these two little gals had given us.

At about the same epoch I realized that we were not all aware of the incident in the same way. Both of us believe in God that we all have been living with God before we came to earth, that God has a scheme for our rescue and that if we are living right we can return to be with God.

Throughout this period I spent most of my evenings up, sleeping most morning and some afternoon, and didn't even go to sleep one of them. I had some weird thoughts when I was in grade grade, you know. I' m sure my missus is. In 2001, ADSL became everyday, but when I spoke to my woman about the quicker link, she declined to accept the concept because it was more costly than a dial-up link.

One night I was telling my missus that I was going to download an important download that would take half an hours. And my missus said: "Get your hands on DSL. At about fifteen, I chose to build a nacelle between the pine and pine in our front garden. This is how I see myself most of the times, but an event two or three years ago showed me that I need to work more hard to stay undertrol.

They were going home from work and work, so the road was pretty busy and I had my eyes on the cars and walkers around me. On one point I passed only centimeters from a parking space on the right side, when a vehicle on the lefthand side passed me from behind, also only centimeters away.

You have to work really harder to get your family' cash. Sometimes, however, they have to give up some cash to pass quality free with their kids. He was about to celebrate his jubilee at college and there should be a sport event on a Saturday mornings. Since I work six working Saturdays a day a week, I have three lessons on Saturday mornings that only I can do.

Seeing how frustrated he was, I thought it was more important to be with him on his big date than the cash I could make, so I took Saturday mornings off. He was very pleased when I came to his sport days and hugged me.

Harddisk doesn't work anymore. But I kept the old one because there were many important images on the old one. So I was hoping that one of these days I would be able to get the disk up and running and get those screens. I repaired the disk last weekend, but it still didn't work.

Yesterday evening I took out the harddisk and put it in a new harddisk. It was a long and arduous process. Actually, I now have two disks that don't work, and this mornings I was so sleepy that I get up from my beds and my computer problems are even worsen.

Like on Taiwan's motorways, slow riders occupied the center and lefthand tracks instead of the rightmost where they belonged. There was too much car accident on the right side, but the right side was empty in the front because I could see through the windscreen and behind because I could see through my side and rear view mirror.

When I let the vehicle slide into the right hand track, I looked over my shoulders in passing, just in good timing to see another vehicle driving next to me. to avoid a crash and scare my family. It was eight years ago that my missus and I bought a flat.

Took a long while to find one we both liked and for whom we could get credit. Eventually my missus took me to one who had everything we wanted: a good neighbourhood near my wife's parents' house, plenty of room for kids to run around, plenty of daylight, a good outlook and a covered park.

Strangely, when I saw the place with my missus, I had a very poor sensation, although it was exactly what we wanted. Soon after we had gone, I thought about it again and again and soon realized that my feelings were just that - a sensation and nothing else.

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