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Submissions of short films

You have a short submission deadline every year. Thom Vowler talks about joining Unthank as a short fiction editor and what he is looking for in short fiction collections. Poesie & Kurzspielfilme now open. We have opened our submissions for three new print and eBook anthologies: Spirits, Horror & Science Fiction.

Submission " Short Fiction

Entries should be submitted in one fell swoop. To find out what kind of fiction we like, please order an older edition. Tales should not be longer than 5,000 words. We' ll get about 500 tales in one read series, so we not only ask you to read, but also ask you to send in your submissions at the same auctions. (However, please let us know immediately if a work has been approved elsewhere.

Our goal is to have all submissions ready within three months. For the first we also invite you to submit illustrations, again in printed form or on-line.


Please note that we have special rules for our short stories competitions and submissions. Each year we host two short stories competitions, the American Short(er) Fiction Competition in Winter/Spring and the Halifax Ranch Prize for Fiction in Spring/Summer, as well as the Insider Prize for incident scriptwriters in Texas. You can find the latest information about the competition on our homepage.

You will find below a policy for periodic submissions; please review this policy for all non-competition submissions. Enter here. Unasked submissions will be considered all year round. No fixed rules regarding contents and length. Feature films entered into the journal must be genuine and unedited. The ASF regards works that have been posted on-line (also on Facebook and blogs) as already out.

Just hand in one thing at a timeframe. Reimburse the $3 before you send in your work. At the moment we do not accept any hard copies. We will recycle all submitted papers upon receiving them. If the submissions are approved for publishing elsewhere, the authors will immediately cancel the submissions via the submissions page.

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TSS deadline is over. We will be reopened for submissions in October, date exactly as before. Before you submit a short film, please check out some of the short films on the website or sign up for our limited-edition chapterbooks, which you can find here. Please see below for more information on submissions. Before you send us your work, please review the following submissions guidelines.

Contributions must be in English and must be between 2,000 and 4,000 words in all. and we' re accepting short films from all over the globe. Concurrent submissions are permitted, but please let us know if your work will be received elsewhere. PDF documents are not acceptable. Only ONE short film.

Let us not see tales that are free of charge, sacrilegious, sexually or biased. Some authors are also provided with a chapterbook publishing. Remember that we only take a small proportion of the short story for publishing, but if your work is not chosen, we will have more options later in the year.

Currently we are SIGNED for general submissions. At this point, please do not submit a short film.

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