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All sorts of short stories are available for your readings on this page. All of a sudden, flash, nano, short-short, micro, minificción. A large online library of short feature films with monthly features and additions. A short story: a brilliant and challenging medium for writers. Many thanks to everyone who applied for the short film award!


On the other side of a solid writing table, the teacher was sitting in silent mode. Well, I begrudge you your simple answers, the teacher began. Clement was in the bar, a sunken skyline with a fishing cap under a million Stars. Standing without talking or exercising as they were talking and laughing. Clement was standing there wrapping a towel around her waist to take off her wetsuit.

Clement was approaching the driver's side. He said you could drive me into the city. We' re not going into the city, Wen said. When you go into the city, it's not even the right way, Wen said. Clemens said I can get another horsebit from Horse's. Clement made a whining noise, almost like a hound.

Fictional short stories

Get short stories on your iPhone, iPod dock and iPad. Receive your stories on EotW and in our newsletters. "but you ruin things. Here you can find this month's stories. Use the sub-genre browsing function in the fiction collection or find a bookmark, bookmark, writer or cue.

A click on the name of an writer will list all his stories with further information and hyperlinks. Tales can be viewed, written or downloadable on-line to view off-line or on hand-held equipment. "but you ruin things. He' dancing maida maida maida around the candles. Browse short stories on your iPhone, iPod dock and iPad.

Receive your stories on EotW and in our newsletters.

Browse 15 astonishing works of fiction in less than 30 min.

Tweet fiction and six-word stories have pervaded the literature, but the idea of narrating very short stories is not new. H.P. Lovecraft and Lydia Davis have both written what has become known as what is known as fiction - short stories with no exact length restrictions, but usually no more than 1,000 words.

What distinguishes it from other short films is that it usually has a conventional narrative sheet - an atmospheric sequence that has no beginning, no center or no end would not be qualified, making it a difficult to master media. While the following stories are longer than six words or 140 signs, if you are reading at the same rate as the normal US adults (300 words per minute), you will need about two more or less every two min to get through.

Watch these 15 astonishing works of modern fiction: by Alex Sheal, released by 3:AM MagazineFirst sentence: But she didn't work as a barmaid. by John Keene, released by TriQuarterlyFirst sentence: Canoeing to a stop on the cliffy, stony coast. by Per Petterson, released by A Public SpaceFirst sentence:

Papa had a face that Arvid liked to see and made him jumpy at the same moment, because it was not only a face, but also a cliff in the woods with its grooves and depressions, at least when he was squinting when he was looking. by Scott Stealey, released by Smokelong QuarterlyFirst Satz:

From Erik Cofer, released by McSweeney'sFirst sentence: By Sabrina Orah Mark, released by The CollagistFirst sentence: Many of my boyfriends follow the Rabbi, so I also begin to follow the Rabbi. by Sejal Shah, released by ConjunctionsFirst sentence: This card was made by Molia Dumbleton, edited by The Kenyon ReviewFirst sentence:

From Simon Harris, released by FlashFirst sentence: Following traditional methods there were three possibilities: marriages, vengeance or goingats. by Melissa Goodrich, edited by Word RiotFirst theorem: Every boy in college break their hand. by Sandra Gail Lambert, released by BrevityFirst Satz: We are in the goose march, lead by an US banner with a star in the form of a wheel chair, and on our way to the conference venue, by John Smolens, released by PANKFirst:

If your woman die, the sound of the meal is different. by Christopher Moyer, released by HobartFirst sentence: Situated in the heart of our town are forests full of wildlife. by Mia Couto, edited by The Massachusetts ReviewFirst sentence:

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