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A multidisciplinary journal celebrating the current revival of short stories, Short Fiction in Theory and Practice. A literary magazine with visual appeal. This is the principle on which the American Society for the Study of the Short Story was built. Magazine of the short story in English language. filt.

Ethics and Transgression in Edith Wharton's Short Fiction.

Intel Ltd.

Shortfiction in Theory and Praxis is an inter-disciplinary journal that celebrates the recent revival of short stories. From a practical point of view, she investigates the poetry of short stories, adaption, translation and the place of short stories in contemporary European world. Centre for Poetry and Short Stories, International Bibliography of Humanities and Social Sciences Journal Literature (IBZ) and International Bibliography of Humanities and Social Sciences Literature (IBR), European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciencses (ERIH), MLA and Ulrich's.

Neon Books - the great list of British literary magazines

Literature magazines." They are peculiar animals: pretty, diverse and often painful and short-lived. They not only give you a feeling for the writings of your peers, but are also one of the most available ways of publishing. A little truth: putting your work in literature journals will not make you wealthy beyond your boldest dream.

As there are too many literature journals in the UK to keep an overview, we have limited the lists below to those in the UK. For newcomers to submitting their work for publishing, take a look at our short guideline. If there is a mag we did miss, please let us know via the feedback request page!

A3 Review is a literature journal that is folded up like a topographic cartographic publication with less than 150 words. Publish poems and critiques. Publish poems and critiques. She regularly produces anthologies and occasionally commemorative editions focusing on a single writer. Headquartered in Ireland, the journal is "Europe's most western outpost" of sci-fi literacy.

At least one author per edition and works by authors from all over the globe. In addition, they are publishing critiques and in-depth discussions and conducting the company's own yearly Aeon contest. Poetic blogs by Swindon. Releases new materials twice a weeks, every Monday and Thursday. Published fiction, poems, works of art and critiques.

The work of art and illustrations are combined with poetic and poetic works. It is the goal of this on-line literature journal to provide readers with a collection of poetries that would otherwise not be available: out-of-print or non-available ones, printed but not posted on line, contest reviews and unreleased verses. This is a new journal that is currently looking for entries for its first issue.

A long-standing on-line Poetry journal devoted to the publication of the best modern poesy as well as the review of textbooks, brochures and essays on all facets of poetic. Hedgehog Press has a" quite Romantic taste " in its own words and wants to publish" works from all corners of the widest churches".

For reasons of simplification, the somewhat unhandy name is sometimes abbreviated to Arthur. Publishing fiction, poems, booklets, booklets, books, reviews and articles. It' an art journal. Posts many comments, reports and crucial essays. This is an on-line journal dealing with the histories of the end of the earth - from atomic arrmageddon to biotechnological superplage. Epocalyptic and post-apocalyptic short feature films with around 2,000 words are welcome, with some narratives also being released in podcasting as well.

It is an on-line journal specialising in the field of poetic tradition, written texts, translation, articles as well as essay. You welcome responses to British poetic performances. It is a free and non-discriminating way to welcome newcomers. It is the editorial team's aim to release short game and non-fiction books.

Provide feedbacks on most of the entries and look forward to hearing from current college and college educated authors. In spite of its name, this journal produces fiction, poems, theater and other types of work. We have our own palm-sized microliterature collection, available free of charge alongside Neon Literary and in a number of independant bookstores across the UK.

This is an annually collected set of literature and psychic tales that is also open to imaginative non-fiction. Every edition also contains graphics, testimonies and reports. A very eclectical journal looking for "drama, poesy, fiction and more". Their aim is to be a "fresh and lively contrast to the traditional facets of the literature world".

Published fiction, artworks and critiques with a clear emphasis on hideous. The TTA Press also releases Interzone and Crimewave. Published fiction, poems and essays. Previous editions of Brittle Star can be found on-line on the website of the Poetic Library. This is an art journal with a keen preference for creativity. Even though the journal has no formal website, you can still watch it on Facebook and Twitter.

This new semi-annual poems mag was created in the North East of England by seven writers, each of whom received a Northern Promise Award from New Work North in 2010 or 2011. Established in the English Literature and Creativity at Lancaster University, this journal was created by the student community in 2009.

The book offers short fiction and poems from all over the globe. Cannon's Mouth is the Cannon Poets' monthly journal. Its aim is to awaken the interest and involvement of members and the general population in the composition of poems and their publication to the people. It is an on-line publication from the North West of England, but by no means limited to this area.

This site also offers novelties, critiques and anecdotes. The aim is to release an identical number of works from the Medway Delta and from all over the globe. Published fiction, artworks and critiques. This is one of the few British journals dealing with thrillers. The TTA Press also releases Interzone and Black Static. Published fiction, poems and works of art.

This is the mag of the BfS. Fifty-two pages, perfectly illustrated and illustrated, this book has an ubiquitous audience and gives the reader "the possibility to let his fantasy run wild". Producer Indigo Dreams, who also manages a number of other literature journals and chapterbooks. In each edition, this journal releases three plays of magic realistic fiction and three plays of realistic fiction with the aim of providing an interesting confrontation of different styles.

Published fiction, poems, artworks and book review. Published fiction in all categories. This is one of the most widely viewed on-line books in the UK. Publish poems, critiques and essays. The Cinammon Press also produces manuscripts and conducts several contests. This is a Scotch journal that produces fiction, poems, dramas and illustrations and organises occasions.

Is describing himself as "a mag of whims written". This fiction desk regularly releases an anthological collection devoted to new short feature films and a number of other literature related works. This is an on-line short novel devoted to short stories, based on the faith that strong typing will ensure that the reader never slips out of a writer's fictitious life or dreams.

It is a wonderfully illuminated literature journal characterized by both strong typing and daring designs. An often-refreshed journal of fiction, poems and commentaries, dating back to 1865, when it was established by Anthony Trollope. The aim of this on-line journal is to be an oasis of poesy and short films, with works that "inspire, comfort and stimulate".

Published fiction, poems and works of art. FROGRAMORE Press also releases several other books and holds a poems contest. Additionally to the hardcopies an on-line sample is available. Published fiction, poems and works of art. Published in German language, this paper journal calls itself the "Book of Ghouls & Ghouls". Focusing on horrors and the eerie, she tries to release short films that immerse into the black.

There are also write shops and a bi-annual horror newsletters for subscription. Publishing fiction, poems, non-fiction, works of art and book review. Publishing fiction, poems, art and non-fiction. In Coventry a resident magazin with worldwide readers. Every Here Comes Everyone has a different topic, and the journal should be available and supporting for both previously and previously released authors.

Published in English by new and acclaimed British and international writers. In addition to a vivid and ecological mixture of poesy, each new edition contains an editor, a literature essays, a choice of verses in translations, critiques and on occassion. Published fiction and poetics.

Her website states that "Ink Sweat & Tears is exploring the border between poetic and prosaic in the epoch of digitization". An ancient literature journal that has been appearing for more than thirty years. With short fiction and poems. Conducts an annual poem contest with a grand total of £500.

Published fiction, works of fiction and reviews. The TTA Press also releases Black Static and Crimewave. The longstanding poems journal has recently undergone a relaunch and now releases fiction, artworks, essay, articles and other works in addition to poems. Published fiction, poesy and arts with a strong emphasis on sci-fi. This is an on-line journal that is designed to give the authors useful feedbacks.

Authors are asked to submit a review response to an article in the journal - these responses will then be forwarded to the respective post. Publishing fiction and non-fiction. Acceptable plays are played by performers during a month-long fiction performance. "We' re here to release the best short fiction films and poems from the British literary world.

" The journal is published by Gatehouse Press (a publisher located in Norfolk). Published fiction. It is a new website for authors of fiction, lyricism, and literature-essay. Published fiction, poems and book review. This is one of the oldest literature journals in Great Britain, established in 1732. Long-exposure Magazins is devoted to new opinions, new thoughts and the rest of the globe in different and original ways.

The aim of this research is to investigate both the lyrical and the visible and to bring out their dialogue and creation. The aim of this research is to investigate the various impacts of literary losses by combining fiction, poems and essay and by creating a set of important new canons. Many years of poetic work.

It is a magazin with the main topic "identifying breathtaking words". The new journal is open for on-line entries and job offers from prospective journalists. Published fiction, poems and works of art. It is an Icelandic journal that produces poems, fiction and paintings by poets and illustrators in Ireland and abroad. Published fiction and poems. Published only to authors who are women, but contains useful essays and enjoyable works that can be enjoyed by both sexes.

Published fiction, poems and book of fiction books. This is a shortlist of literature journals. Published fiction, poems and works of arizona. The aim is to release new fairytales and is "passionate about good writings, nice illustration and splitting great new works". Starting in October 2017, this global printed magazine for the arts, literature and criticism will be superseded by a number of brochures available as subscriptions.

In the course of the publication, writers such as Andrew Motion and Alice Oswald were introduced. Published fiction, poems, book review and article. The New Welsh Review is mainly engaged in Wales literature. The majority of features are commissioned, but it is open to fiction and poetic entries. The Nine Muses is a Webzine founded in 2018.

The book is published and administered by Annest Gwilym, author and short novelist. Featuring all the poetic styles of new, up-and-coming, incumbent writers, it shows the best of modern poetic. This is a new UK based literature journal that publishes unique short films and fiction from around the globe. This is a quaterly journal created in 1997 and produced by Flarestack Poets. For more information, please contact Flarestack at the following address

It wants to "surprise and delight". Though it has a restricted web site, older editions can be viewed on The Weather Library's website. It is a literature journal that produces short films, dramas, lyrics and fiction by Scottish schoolchildren. Initially created as part of the website of Scotland The Open Mouse is now an autonomous on-line publishing house containing verses by poets from all over the globe.

A completely free publication aimed at "creating a printing that is interesting and pertinent and promotes the development of London's gifted, fruitful, literary underbody. Published fiction, essays and column. Published fiction, poems and book review. First and foremost a poem shed. Welcome feature proposals in additon to poetics and fiction.

An amalgamation of poetic and fiction writing by poets from all spheres of life". She is of the opinion that poetic works should be approachable and part of daily work. This is a web journal that releases unspent and ecological poems. From time to time Picaroon is also publishing chap books. Publish poems and critiques.

Releases contemporaries poet next to new parts. This is a fully featured literature journal that features short films, fiction and poems by young people. The Prole is a printed journal that produces high-quality, available poems and essays. Its aim is to encourage, involve and amuse - but never to stifle. The aim of this journal is to release excellent poems in various forms on the four typical quarterly calendar dates in the celts: the "Celtic Poems of the Year":

For more than a dozen years, this journal has appeared in the archive with over 200 editions. Poetic. Producer Indigo Dreams, who also manages a number of other literature journals and chapterbooks. Publish poems. Releases incumbent writers alongside upcoming vocals. One of Amy Kinsman in 2017 created journal for kreative art.

Published once a months, it is open to poems, short films, fine arts and experiential music. Published fiction. Searches for "short tales with undercurrent". It is in the shape of a wax-sealed paper with new poems and fiction that is given out free in London every two weeks. Every succesful employee of this printed journal has three or four pages devoted to his work - be it poesy or walk.

Producer Indigo Dreams, who also manages a number of other literature journals and chapterbooks. Established in 2015, this on-line literature journal is intended to be a home for thrilling authors from all over the globe. At Scrittura we publish essays, poems and drama screenplays. Published fiction, poems, booklets, booklets, books, booklets, reviews and works of art. This is an essay about Expressionism, Surrealism and Existentialism.

The aim of this sci-fi journal is to investigate the unknown futures of the planet and experiment with big and small notions. Published fiction. It also holds an yearly short storyline contest. Published fiction and critiques. Bill' s himself as a literature journal for non-conformists. On the Slightly Fexed pages, authors are welcome to debate their arcane love of literature in various forms.

Developed to commemorate the extraordinary and extraordinary. Published fiction and poems. This is an on-line journal that focuses on a specific topic or "stimulus" in each edition. This is the point of departure for the plays presented in the journal. This is an on-line journal devoted to short stories in literature.

Published fiction, poems and book review. Periodically refreshed on-line journal that provides a wide selection of materials. The journal produces short novels, poems, essay and interview articles and often also offers shadow fiction and translated lyric. It is an internationally renowned journal that has published a large number of authors. The book offers critiques of recent literature, booklets, anthologies and brochures and articles on a wide array of important British and US poet of today and tomorrow.

Producer at the School of English at the University of Nottingham, this journal issues letters with the letters as its primary author. Founded in 1997, The Reader offers a mixture of poetic, fictional, interview, thought, counseling and research with a clear emphasis on joint literacy as a therapeutical exercise.

This is a bimonthly short stories contest with fifty pounds in prizes. In each case, the overall champion will be chosen by a different group of referees from a selection list. This is an on-line journal for poesy, fiction or any mixture of the two with a special emphasis on myths, legends, folk, fables and fairy tales.

Its name comes from a myth about the famous Welsh magician Cerridwen. This is a micro publication by the Tribe organisation of the world' s leading journalists, devoted to poetics, haikus and very short fiction. This fiction journal located in Glasgow wants to give an outlet to those who live "outside the narrative".

It is a new journal that has set itself the goal of transcending the barriers between different countries, ethnical groups, tongues and nationalities. Multidisciplinary art journal of the Tribe organization. Nine Arches Press's flag ship, Under The Radar offers fiction, poems, commentaries and editorial. Launched in 2008, the journal began to publish chap books and brochures soon after.

This is a literature journal devoted to the publication of new and innovative works. "Vauxhall will always be a forum for fiction and poetics that doesn't suit the form." Published fiction and art work. Published fiction, poems and works of art. Creativity in art, musik and fashions. You can also publish your stuff on-line on the Volumes album.

Published fiction and critiques. White Review is published both on-line and in printed form, with a special emphasis on fiction and poems that are "artistically or pedagogically meritorious". Post poems to his Facebook page and might be publishing them in printed form in the near distant past. Seeking the publication of poems, fiction, art und photographs.

This is a brandnew journal, which is currently looking for entries for the first issue. Published fiction, poems and book review. 3:AM Magazines releases a large number of works. This is a new book that has set itself the goal of presenting amazing typing in an interesting and well-designed pack. It is financed by CS scotland and is planning to publish both a book and a literature journal in the area.

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