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Competition for young writers. Since the end of June all authors are informed about the status of their submission the tsr short fiction contest. Do you have something short, sharp and snappy to tell? If you have three full days to apply for our short game and poetry competitions, you may need an extra boost to complete your entries. Very Short Fiction Contest is open to all authors.

Kurzspielwettbewerb - Tabloid

$1,500 and the tabloid release for a novelist who has not yet written a fiction, poem or non-fiction in a nationwide newspaper. We' re pleased to announce that the 2017 winner of the Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers is Caitlin Campbell's "Quarterway House".

Competition 2018 will open on 2 June 2018. Deadline for submission is December 31, 2018, or submission must be completed on-line by this time. The participation is $16 per single history, unlimited per writer, and comes with an annual membership. Write cheques on the boulevard. Name, adress, phone number of the writer, the titles of the history and the "Boulevard Emerging Writers Contest" should appear on page 1.

Concurrent submission is permitted, but papers already adopted or posted are not permitted. We will consider all applications for publishing and paying at our normal tariff. The contributions are evaluated by the Boulevard editorial staff. Nobody who is connected to Boulevard in editorial or financial terms can take part in the competition. It will be posted on the website first, in June, sometimes sooner, and then in the next edition of Boulevard.

Send your entries to the Boulevard Emerging Writers Contest, PMB 325, 6614 Clayton Road, Richmond Heights, MO 63117 or hand them in now. Because of the number of entries, we cannot reply to each author separately.

Shortfilm competition

In" Sacred Introductory to the Neighborhood", a quarter in the Minnesota River valley is transformed into a fictional college of modules and the foreign becomes intimate and the intimate becomes alien, sometimes miraculous or dark. This tension drives the storyline, and it is the feeling of floating, disassembling and being voyeuristic that is the impressing performance - the action can be as delicate as ambience or mind.

Authors sometimes find the ideal framework to reinforce an already tense tension in a way that contributes to emotion. Sadly, there is a danger that this tale will fade or become melancholy at the right time, but the expanse of outer-space and ability to see the world from a shuttle's point of vision give the idea room to breathe.

This competition is open to all authors who have not yet written a fiction work. For more information on the workshop, click here. Do not send your competition contribution to another journal or competition at the same time. Do not send any work that has already been made public. Existing customers get a one-year renewal of their existing subscriptions.

We can only sell our German printed season tickets at this discount. We will be happy to send you an annual electronic copy of the journal if you are living abroad (including Canada). You' ll get an e-mail informing you about all your work.

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