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fickle-play competition

The details of the competitions for very short stories (flash fiction) have been moved to a separate resource. It is open to women of all nationalities from all countries. INTERNATIONAL SHORT FICTION COMPETITION. We are looking for fiction on the topic "A Summer Night" this year. I win a contest, you'll send me the money, just like that?


Their short feature films have been released in The Irish Times, The Dublin Review, The Aesthetica Creativity Works Annual and other major global publications and broadcasted nationally on RTE Radio One. Gooseen ", the winner, was distinguished by its fresh, breathtaking use of the word and its hot, striking humanness. To give a person known only by another's letter and script is a bold venture, but a "goose" does it with both a dance-like poetry and a skillfully performed certainty of touching.

Misslexia Women's Short Fiction Contest 2018 - Compelling -

It is open to all nationalities from all countries. Self-edited scripts are eligable, but those who publish a novel for all ages and countries are notligible. It is organized by Mslexia, the female writing mag for all. This is the 10th time our Women's Short Story competition has been announced as part of our fantastic Women's Fiction Awards.

Aside from getting 5,000 pounds the author wins, they also have the prestigious of publishing in Mslexia, a credit shared with writers as costa champion Angela Readman and novelist Peggy Riley. There is also the chance to work a whole weekend in beautiful seclusion at Gladstone's Library and spending a full working days with an editorial staff at Virago - an experienced job that you can' t buy with your pen.

Tales can be between 300 and 3,000 words long and relate to any topic. Contributions should be in German (or German dialect) and should not have been republished or approved for publishing elsewhere. Price: 5,000 plus two extra options: one course at the Gladstone Library and one full editorial meeting with Virago Press.

The four winners will be announced in the March 2019 edition of Mslexia. For more information about the competition, please go to

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