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Creative Short Writings

Right now, you may need to write short stories. That was a piece I created for school in my creative writing class. Several are websites where you can post short stories to share with readers and other writers. A creative writing immersion can offer - answer. Writing short stories, advice from a creative writing teacher, assessment of a short story.

Brief Stories - Writing Moons

I' m starting out with short films. Before I began my MA in Writing for Children, I was able to create a short film. This was an accomplishment, not because it was ever released, but because it was the first creative writing work I ever completed.

During the two years of my studies I was working on longer pieces, which I was hoping to turn into a whole novel one time. During my Master's degree I realized how difficult it was to publish them, especially in children's literature. That' s why I have another goal: to write short novels for women's journals.

Here my writing training began to evolve, even if I didn't know it then. So, I made my first short and sent it to'People's Friend'. I had never seen the journal, but in my naiveté I thought I knew what they wanted. It was appropriate in relation to my perceptions of their readers and was the right "way" of history.

If I had been reading the rules, I would have realized that I had made exactly the kind of history they didn't want. Fortunately they didn't deny me my beginner's error and after many, many more tries I adopted my first story'One for the Album' and released it in January 2011.

It was a contemporary but family-based tale of a little adopted little boy who has to take a picture of herself at primary and secondary schools as a newborn. And they wanted their reader to sense something when they were reading the journals. Trembling with my trembling hand I leafed through the pages and found my history and my name in it!

I had reached my destination and I had seen my name in the press, they wanted (hopefully) to tell my tale! In fact, it took me another six month to accept another one. Since then I have been accepting a whole series of tales, but I have also refused a number. I was released in People's Friend and Take a Break Fiction Feast and I'm still thrilled when I see one of my tales in the press.

Please see my short storys in my bulletinlog. I' ll also write about my experience writing short novels on my own blogs and hopefully share some useful tidbits!

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