Short and Easy Story

Brief and simple story

It is very easy to use and maintain. You can see that it is very simple and easy to explain. Familiar children's stories are translated into Spanish and spoken by a native speaker. Though not easy, it is a great incentive. It' easy to hate what you can't have.

US Stories in Easy English

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Or you can get the downloaded MP 3s here. While listening to his music you can hear the text, because you can not only hear but also hear the music. That page only contains those scholarly articles that are not adaptions of proprietary material."

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Gracie Feng: Hello Warun, speaking of words, it is better to be edited from all sides. Especially the most useful way is to read. Select the niveau at which you feel at ease when you read, appreciate new words from the text, look them up and put them on a notepad or application to repeat them.

Attempt to use the new words or expressions you have come across and which you have learnt in an active way, either by speech or typing. Read stories, messages, movies or tracks.

children's tales

While I know it's difficult to pull a story through a longer piece the first time you read it, try 6 short heels, all of which are very simple. It usually has a very beginners level, with a few middle or top middle words. It is probably the vocabulary, not the vocabulary, that is the difficult part of this article, which provides a great overview of every fundamental set of sentences in China.

When you can tell that, your foundations in Mandarin language are very strong. It' s nice to find a longer story for beginners. It is either a story that tells us what happens when we try to be something we are not, or a story that tells us that men should not be permitted to give each other fashionable advices.

The waggish monkey - always a cartoon in China tales - draws the yarn over Little Bear's skull. It' good for beginners in the meaning that a) it's short, and b) it's highly repeating - if you can jigsaw out the first two or three movements, the remainder should be clear.

In order to get you going, it should be noted that the main character is a small piece of weed ( ") (or a clump or box of weed - it is never really defined) called "YinYin" ("), who asks for a special favour every year.

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