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Divide your poems, short stories and novels. Most online writing communities also have their own space for writers to promote their books. Sharing your book with a wider audience. This is all good, except where do you share your short stories online? Launch your own password-protected website (or protect the part of your website that contains your work).

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After a 5 1/2-year long battle with leukaemia, my mom died last year. The awakening of Your Sacred heart, wake mine to sense that the earth is calmed by Your Awareness. The longing sea sits down with deep deity. How Iove You, n'est pas écrit dans la poésie exprimée avec des mots, composé.....

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How can I put my writing (short story, poems, etc.) online so other folks can access it and criticize it? I' ve got a website/blog, but I can't get much music.

Interest-based networks really solve a very big dilemma, especially if we look at India, there are millions in the direction of writing, photographing, playing, style and craft but what they really are lacking is shortage of deck for them to get inspired and vote their addiction as their careers so that they don't have to go for medicines, technique, law etc..

Nowadays it is simple to share what you are creating with the rest of the planet on different online and offline communities. Share with those who really understands your creativeness and your talents. If you could share it with poet and poetry enthusiasts all over the while? Suppose your talents can touch those who really know what you can do & take part in your life's work?

It is a place for everyone who has talents & is enthusiastic about something. Noyoto is an interesting social network that will help you to share your creativeness and talents with other individuals of similar interest around the atlantic. Everything that expresses your creative and talented skills. Reviews of your favourite film or show.

Enough power to share your passions with other performers. Turn your passions into your careers. Sharing your creative ideas. Getting people together for their common interests is the primary motif of Nojoto, you can't get that on Facebook, Instagram or other mobile applications. I' d like to share some work of Nojoto users:

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