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A word you think can change your image, your appearance and your life. Nice short stories to touch : It' a very casual and nice place to share poems. Poet (and writers in general) are known to have a hard time making a living from their poetry. Let us know your thoughts on gun control.

There are 9 unique ways to share your letter that will make you known online

But because I am a member of the sickness of the digital age, I have a bad wish to record every second of my lifetime and then stuff it down my throat of all my buddies who probably don't think as much about me as I like. So instead of putting my diary back in my rucksack and having a mild outdoor sleep, I kept the poetry in front of the sky and took a picture, then I spend the remainder of the day looking at my telephone display while leafing through VSCO-filter.

I had a lot of fun with the poetry and the photograph, so I chose to take more pictures of my letter before sundown, which I was used to taking pictures. Only a few month later, I resigned my position after publishing my first volume about my online account management.

Then, I spend the next few month working on two new novels (one a novel, one a poetry book) and a few new photo work. However, if you are a novelist, it can be very pleasing that many folks on the web enjoy reading and appreciating your work.

When I look at what has brought me to what I am today, and also in the overall community of digital communities, I believe that the safest way to get more power on line is to present a new, refreshing lyophilized, easy, tried and tested approach. Like I always wanted to share my typing on Instagram.

I' ve known many authors, especially verses who shared theirs on the stage for years, and they had gathered tens of millions of followers, which opened the doors to a very succesful typing carreer (see Tyler Knott Gregson and his Perigree novel for his best-selling Chasers of the Light, from his Typewriter Series on SPD).

But, more or less all shared their work in the same way (computer screen shots or close-ups of typewriting paper), and I knew that if I did the same, my work would never be noticed. It was not a ground-breaking concept, but it was different enough that folks wanted to share it.

It gave me many other great ways to share my work in a photoseries on people. If you have always been looking for a way, but the concept has not yet come to you, then maybe one of them is the right one for you!

Put a line of your poetry on the front of each footfall, either in either order or in order, so that anyone who approaches the footprints can see your work. Take a picture. Name your show with a name such as #soliloquyonthesteps or something better than that. Place it in your back yard and ask some of your buddies out, then draw your font on the canvas.

Get a picture of you all around your mess. Not just a dull picture. Check the picture to make sure you're all like mopping color on each other's faces so everyone knows how much you have. One could call this show #paintedpoetry, but frankly I think you can do better.

That' s a particularly good concept, because in the end you and your buddies have a barrel of free artwork for your room. If you want your poetry set or a few really good quotations, put them on her hands and toes. Use a Polaroid to capture and rescan your images for more hipster points.

When you use an old cartoon and take the pictures in a fragile aesthetics setting, like a blanket of blankets sunbathing in the early hours of the day, you don't even have to compose entire poetry, you can just drop wonderfully vaguely but emotionally charged words like: "I should have been kissing you more before you left" and it will vibrate just as well.

But if you don't think it would make you popular all night, you're mistaken, so I'll do it for sure and call it #saudadeonskin once I get into my flat. Well, if you want this to be your brainchild, you better get a move on.

You and your buddies can enjoy a wildflower harvesting experience. Take baskets to the beaches or parks and use them as paint and the floor as stationery. At the end of the afternoon, however, you have at least been spending some quality free flowering with your mates. No matter what you do, don't call this show #flowerfeelings.

You can use your manuscript and your drawings to create and reprint artful prints of your font. You can give them to your mates and take a picture of the one you gave them on the top of the room next to their beds. You or your boyfriends have well-designed rooms with many visible bricks and light and succulent elements.

Grab a pile of empty cabaret balls and put your poetry on them with a large red mark. Have a big fiesta and fill the room with your hot airs. It works especially well if all your buddies look like skins-stars, and you dress up your home as if you were filming an indie-pop movie at the festival.

So what if you've taken pictures of two persons who interact at a bash and your poetry or whatever you type is printed on the balloon above their neces. Scraw your words onto a page and take pictures in the breeze. There are different ways to work with the art director of this show, according to the topic you are working on.

It would be an ideal to make the scenery like a line in a large grain fields next to to an old farmstead in the Midwest. You would call the show #lovelostintheamericanheartland or so and your show would be the literary analogy of a multi-part yet uniform tale of two characters who fall in romance in a small mid-western city.

This is how you take the first picture of the first poetry with the washing line lit by the dawn, which brings with it the pledge of a new dawn and a new beginning. However, as the days go by, the relation in the history gradually worsens to its end as the last daylight comes over the smallholding.

Apropos soft, splendid esthetics, pots on a sill with the windows open and the wind blowing through is an essential picture that asks for your belle-lettres to be added. It is a classic flowerpot that is skin-coloured and dull-matt on its own, providing a perfectly designed desk that can be easily photographed.

To write on these planters and put them in a photographic environment is not so unlike what I do with my diary, but you will see even more plants, and often plants can so perfect complement the emotions that are reflected in what you have composed.

Adapting your fonts and photographs to your flower design is another challenge but an inspiration to your work. And, lastly, erupt the Polaroid camera again for one last notion. Including Polaroid photographs in your creative work is certainly nothing new for thousands of years old artist, so you may hesitate to include this concept in a listing of "UNIQUE ways to share your writing".

" But Polaroid photographs are extremely well-loved, and with the right approach, you can still use them in a truly original way. Just to write a poetical caption on the underside of a Polaroid will probably no longer suffice. That was more or less the brainchild behind a show I worked on at the beginning of the year entitled #moments and theirensuingemotions.

There is no pose permitted, no stage-managed sequences, just pictures of genuine times between the two of you. Then at the end of the morning, take the pictures and type a phrase that expresses how you felt at that time. But I really loved this notion, so I stopped it to begin from zero with the aim of presenting it in a larger way.

I' d like it to be an artgallery show, not just a photo shoot. Keep in mind, the first thing to do is to share your work, so if you choose to publish screen shots of your Microsoft Office documents or shut down your typing machine papers, there is nothing completely incorrect about it. Fictitiously famed on the web is probably not as cold or profitable as you envision, but you get tonnes of free material and, more significantly, it can kick your publishing professionals and open the door to the publishing and freelancing opportunities you probably wouldn't otherwise have.

Cheers, every Friday we gather our best weekly tales, quotations and pictures and put them together in a unique e-mail.

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