Sending Manuscripts to Publishers

Send manuscripts to publishers

When discussing how to submit a manuscript of your novel, you first need to know exactly who to contact. Find out how to submit your manuscript online to publishers using these standard guidelines for submitting manuscripts. Up-and-coming authors often seem to think that the manuscript format is not so important when submitting their novels to agencies and publishers. Reading books about writing book proposals and submitting manuscripts to editors and publishers is an affordable way to publish your book. And secondly, do NOT contact publishers.

Submission of a script to an agent or editor

You have to look at who you are addressing before you submit a novel. We were already looking for an editor or an agency (the reply, if you weren't careful, was a literature agent).

You can find the answers in Writers' Markets in the US or The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook in the UK - don't try to cut a few cents by buying an obsolete issue from Amazon or by not buying one at all. In addition to the name of the author, these lists also contain the genre of the novel in which the agent (and publisher) specialises.

Unnecessarily filing a script of your nightmare novel with an operative who only acts with romance seems a complete wasted. A further point is that you are looking for a hardcover publishing house, so do not hand in a copy of your novel to an impressum that only produces paperback books.

It is a daughter company of a major publisher. Several of the publishers you will find in the directory will be smaller, independant publishers. The others will be all impressions of the publishers giant (companies like Penguin and Random House). First thing to do is to summarize your novel (they usually require it to be no more than one page long).

When the frahling wants a more detailed summary, section by section, he will ask later. A number of agencies and publishers will state that they want the first three sections or the first fifty pages or whatever. When you ask only for a "sample chapter", please submit one. Indicate who you are and list all important literature accomplishments.

Instruct them to submit "Novel Title" for review and specify the category and estimated length (in thousand of words). Don't say you turned down earlier fiction (if you did). That' because operatives and publishers are not so interested in one-book-authoring. Incidentally, when submitting your script, try to direct the packet to a specific individual.

You should not rely on an answer once you have submitted your script. You should anticipate waiting at least a few short days, although it can sometimes take a few month for the pet to return to you. It' s not that you are a bad person, just very preoccupied, and you have to keep that in mind.

On the other hand, editors and editors need to understand that we authors also value valuable writing resources, so you should consider submitting more than one paper - i.e. sending your summary and your model section to more than one Frahlinguren at the same epoch. Do not submit a copy of your summary and example section.

Cause you seldom get an interviewee with an editor or editor without a reference anywhere. Submitting a handwritten document with a typing error in the cover note is only a request for refusal.

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